Lindsay is a Florida based photographer and artist with a passion for capturing the beach lifestyle, and inspiring others to live lives they love. After vacationing in Santa Rosa Beach for three days with her husband, they decided to quit their jobs, donate their stuff, sell their home, and become beach bums… all with their newborn baby!

Lindsay’s photography career began on accident. After sharing photos on Instagram, and was asked by followers to purchase prints and photograph them on the beach when they came to 30A for vacation. Since then, she has logged in long hours to create a recognizable style.

She photographs families and couples on the beach, creates authentic content for brands she loves, and sells her art on her print shop.

DSC_0210 4.jpg

Lindsay likes: the colors of the ocean, big dogs, manta rays, manatees, going barefoot, fresh air, SUP boards, yoga, poke bowls, guacamole, chocolate, thunderstorms, rainbows, the moon, vintage Airstreams, hammocks, palm trees, taking personal responsibility, unconditional self-acceptance, and unicorns.

Lindsay does not like: pollution, garbage on the beach, restrictive diets, punishing workouts, fighting over politics, negative self-talk, hypocrisy, body shaming, obsessive anything, folding clothes, washing dishes, heavily processed "foods", chemical laden products, or relish.