About Lindsay


Hey there!  I'm Lindsay.  I'm a Florida based photographer, creative, healthy and heart-centered lifestyle advocate, and beach bum.  I'm originally from the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate NY, and moved to the beach a few years ago (after dreaming about it for a lifetime!).

How'd I get here?  Believe it or not my husband and I took a three day vacation to Santa Rosa Beach, FL, and after that, quit our jobs, donated our stuff, put the house on the market, and became Floridians.  We felt that life was too short to live by default, and there's never a guarantee that there will be a tomorrow.  


I love creating images that brighten people's day.  My passion for the human spirit and nature saturates my work.  I am inspired by the ocean, colorful skies, and sunshine. My aim is for you to connect with my images.  I want you to feel all the feels, and experience the moment and beauty with me.

Since becoming a mom, I treasure nothing more than the photos I have of my son's life.  I can sit down, and revisit so many special moments (with tears in my eyes).  He's gotten so big, and none of this is forever.  I love being able to provide families with their own memories to treasure for generations to come.  

I've worked hard to hone in on my style, and create a look that is authentic to me.  I love challenging my creativity, and using my camera to express myself in a way in which words do not allow.

Lifestyle Bloggin'

I love thinking and talking about life.  Designing and living one's best life simply resonates with my soul.  How we spend our time and money is directly related to our happiness and health.  We all deserve a happy life, and it's time that everyone woke up and realized it.

The blog's scope continues to evolve and change as my interests grow and circumstances change, but you will always find my genuine and authentic approach to life infused into everything I share.  I will always use my expert knowledge in psychology, holistic health, and yoga and blend it with my personal experience.  My goal is that you always walk away with something of benefit to your life.

On a personal note, we live a minimal lifestyle in a 600 square foot apartment with our son and two dogs.  We are currently renovating a 1973 Airstream to travel with. I cannot wait for that to be done, and am already dreaming up where we will adventure.


Above all, I want to inspire others to prioritize their health and happiness by pursuing a life they love.  Each day should be treated like the gift it is.  I share my thoughts on life on Instagram almost daily.  Be sure to connect with me there!

If you're still reading this, thank you.  

With love,


Education + Certifications

Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.)

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200)

Certified Holistic Health Coach 

Advanced Certificate Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy + Fellow of Albert Ellis Institute

Fun Facts

I like: beach life, dogs, dolphins, manatees, warm ocean water, flip-flops, pastels, fresh air, SUP boards, long boarding, yoga, SUP yoga, skiing, sushi, poke bowls, burritos, guacamole, chocolate, organic beauty, mindful living, thunderstorms, the moon, vintage Airstreams, hammocks, palm trees, taking personal responsibility, unconditional self-acceptance, and unicorns.  Also, my family.  :)

I don't like: restrictive diets, punishing workouts, fighting over politics, negative self-talk, hypocrisy, body shaming, obsessive anything, folding clothes, washing dishes, environmental toxins, heavily processed "foods", chemical laden products, garbage on the beach, relish, or perfume.