I'm Lindsay!

I’m a photographer, content creator, educator, and artist who calls the Emerald Coast of Florida home.  I love worn in jeans, burritos as big as my face, and snuggling with my husband, 3 year old, and dogs (we have two!).

Photography is an extension and outward expression of my lifestyle. I can’t explain the why, but I feel a need to express my thoughts, document, and share my life with y’all.  My work and life are so blurred that I can’t really pinpoint where one ends and the other begins… and I dig that.

I didn’t grow up by the beach with a camera in hand.  Not too long ago I hit the snooze button a whole bunch, was chronically running late, worked in a windowless office, and dreamed of there being more to life.  I was a psychologist who had worked SO hard for that existence, and it just felt like a huge disappointing flop for me.  I felt like I couldn’t make enough of a difference in people’s lives.  I felt like the system was broken, and everything I did was a bandaid.  

So we had a baby, and kissed that all goodbye.  With a one year old, and the desire to work for myself and raise him, I decided to turn my photography hobby into a career.  

What I learned along the way is that it’s completely possible to design and live a life that you love, and I find myself constantly dreaming of ways to share this message with the world.

You know what keeps me up at night?  Scheming up ways to help people create lives and maybe even businesses that they truly love so that they can be content, and happy, and madly in love with life.  To help people realize that they’re awesome and have so much to offer this world.  

It’s never too late to rewrite your story.

Fun Facts

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in two places... just outside of New York City, and then in the Adirondack Mountains. I really got to experience the best of both worlds!

Where do you want to travel to?

Where do I not want to travel to would be easier to answer. I'd love to see as much of this beautiful world as possible!!

When did you adopt a minimalist lifestyle?

Early 30s. It was a slow transition. I realized that my stuff owned me, and the more I let go of stuff, the more I wanted to let go of stuff!

How can you be a minimalist with a kid?

Babies and kids don't need much. They need unconditional love, things that spark curiosity, socialization, and a ton of time outside.

How did you end up in Santa Rosa Beach?

We vacationed here for 3 days, and fell madly in love with it. The environment just blew us away. We ended up coming back for 5 weeks to check it out more, and bought property before our friends and family up north could talk us out of it!

How do you edit your photos and do you sell your presets?

I edit all of my photos in Lightroom and sometimes photoshop. I don't sell my presets yet, but am planning on it later in 2019.

Favorite foods and drinks?

Food: sushi; poke bowls; udon; burritos; fish tacos; guacamole; bacon, egg, cheese on a bagel; matzo ball soup; chocolate chip cookie dough.
DRINKS: lattes, matcha, green juice, dark beer.

What kind of cameras do you use?

I have two Nikon D750s, an old Canon A1 (film), an Instax wide, Instax mini, and Poloroid Original. My favorite lenses are my 35mm 2F and my 85mm 1.4F.

What bothers you?

Off the top of my head, pollution, pesticides, stinky perfume, relish, fakeness, negative self-talk, writing people off due to politics.


my biggest love. the teeny human who motivated me to pursue this life we live. I treasure our time together, and will hold on to these images I have of you with wild hair, sandy toes, and a big smile forever.