The Short + Fun Story

Hi! I'm Lindsay.  I'm a holistic lifestyle expert + coach, yoga teacher, blogger, photographer, and mama (yes, I'm fully aware that I do a lot!).  My more fun description is that after busting my butt for a doctoral degree in psychology and working ridiculous hours for years, I quit my 9-5 (more like 7-7), and sold all of my stuff in order to pursue a life I love, integrate more creativity in my life, live with less, eat lots of poke bowls, and mermaid by the beach.

Lifestyle I love helping others prioritize their wellbeing, dive into their passions, and design and live their best lives through both coaching and yoga.  I work with a limited number of clients to support and empower them to manifest all sorts of awesome into their lives using my 10+ years of training and experience, as well as my personal journey.

Creative Photography Photography was just a hobby of mine... A much needed creative outlet.  It was not until more recently that I decided to take it to the next level.  When working with clients, I aim to use a more photo-journalistic like approach to capturing your very special memories.  Since becoming a mother two years ago, I've become hyper aware of how fleeting life is.  I love connecting with my clients, and capturing their time by the beach in a unique and more real life way so they can cherish the memories forever.

Blogging I believe in living life on purpose rather than by accident; clean, healthy, and organic living; balanced minimalism; and incorporating the yoga lifestyle off the mat.  This is a space I have created to share whatever is on my mind, and I like to get as real and truthful as possible.  

For personal or PR questions, working with me, or collaborating please email me at  I invite you to grab a cup of organic coffee or green juice, take a look around, and connect with me on Instagram, @lindsayhavlicekbell.

The Long Story

Long story short, I was thrown into the health and wellness world right around the time that I was finishing up my doctoral degree in psychology, a time where I was sick and stressed to the max.  I quickly became an enthusiastic health nut, and felt a thousand times better.  I pursued a health coaching certification, and eventually did a yoga teacher training.  When I was introduced to the yoga lifestyle my mind was officially blown.  For the first time everything made sense.  At this point, I did everything I could to work hard and live well, but something wasn't quite right.  I was working crazy hours.  I was constantly stressed out, struggling to manage my time, and far from a mindful or yogic existence.  I felt overwhelmed, stuck, and feared that it was too late to change.  At work (I worked in the school system and also in a group private practice) I felt that my patients needed more than just treating their anxiety, depression, ADHD, and so forth.  I felt that the treatment model was lacking because it was never comprehensive or holistic enough.  Overall, I wasn't happy.

I realized that I was ready to live life on my terms. I was ready to design my ideal lifestyle, and commit to living life on purpose. And so began my latest journey and love affair of designing and living your best lifestyle.  This organically influenced my work (aka everything you see here that I do).

Lifestyle is everything.  Your lifestyle can either positively or negatively influence your health, happiness, relationships, creativity, and overall wellbeing.  You can (and should!) design your best life.  As an expert in human behavior, and someone who has personally been through all of this, I know how challenging and overwhelming it can be.  We are creatures of habit.  We like to feel accepted and safe.  Vulnerability is uncomfortable.  Behavioral changes are HARD! Staying the course is hard.  Loving and accepting ourselves while we make change is, well, hard!  Self-sabotage is very common.  Through my coaching and writing, I aim to support, guide, and inspire you throughout your process whether it be small or radical changes.

The market is saturated with creative health, wellness, and lifestyle coaches.  My work aligns with my personal experience, training, and life story.  I'm dedicated to living an awesome life, and my aim is to help you live your version of an awesome life right beside me.

I used to believe that the artist gene somehow missed me.  I come from a line of amazingly talented artists, and I could never figure out why I wasn't an artist, too.  It wasn't until my more recent years that I picked up a camera in search of a creative outlet, and immediately felt like I was home.  I feel blessed to have made this personal discovery.  I love capturing beautiful landscapes, and snapshots in time that I can cherish forever. I did not intend for this hobby to become a business.  It started slowly and organically.  I am so honored that my beach images are hanging on people's walls.  It is one of the coolest feelings!  And I love capturing fleeting moments of families' special time together.  I look forward to seeing where photography takes me next.  

I practice exactly what I preach.  It is NEVER too late to try something new, learn a new love, and pursue a new passion.  It's never too late to change your life!

Education + Certifications

Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.)

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200)

Certified Holistic Health Coach 

Advanced Certificate Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy + Fellow of Albert Ellis Institute

Certified Fitness Trainer

Fun Facts

I like: beach life, dogs, dolphins, manatees, warm ocean water, flip-flops, pastels, fresh air, SUP boards, long boarding, yoga, SUP yoga, skiing, sushi, poke bowls, burritos, guacamole, chocolate, organic beauty, mindful living, thunderstorms, the moon, vintage Airstreams, hammocks, palm trees, taking personal responsibility, unconditional self-acceptance, and unicorns.  Also, my family.  :)

I don't like: restrictive diets, punishing workouts, fighting over politics, negative self-talk, hypocrisy, bullshit, body shaming, obsessive anything, folding clothes, washing dishes, environmental toxins, heavily processed "foods", chemical laden products, garbage on the beach, relish, or perfume.


You can change your life right now. Your choice.

You can change your life right now. Your choice.