I am a Gulf Coast based photographer, creative, coach, and beach bum.

I grew up in two very different worlds, the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York as well as the north shore of Long Island.  On Long Island, my parents were wind surfers, and I grew up hanging out on the beach.  In the Adirondacks, I spent most of my days outside, in the mountains, lakes, and on skis (water and snow).  I went to graduate school in New York City, and as much as I appreciate the city, I just don't feel like I belong there.  I need to be in nature.

My formal training is a doctorate in psychology, certifications in school psychology, a certification in holistic health coaching, and 200 hour yoga teacher certification.  I became fascinated with natural and organic living, wellness, and holistic health because I solved a lot of my own issues through those practices.  Somehow in the mix, I got married and moved to New Hampshire where I worked in a school as a school psychologist by day, and a clinical psychologist for adults, children, and families in the evenings.  We bought a beautiful house in the south end of Concord, NH.  

I'm not sure when it first started, and perhaps it was a long time coming, but I was not happy.  I worked so many hours, didn't feel like I belonged, and could barely take care of myself.  My husband and I took a 3 day vacation to Santa Rosa Beach, FL, and after that, we knew we had to go.  The beach and emerald waters had stolen our hearts.

We donated all of our stuff, put our house on the market, and became Floridians.  Somewhere in there we also had a kid by the way.  He came along, too. :)

I wish I could tell you it was easy, but it wasn't.  Staying put and sucking it up would have been easier, but sure felt like a death sentence to me.  We are currently living in a tiny apartment with our toddler and two large dogs.  We are renovating a 1973 Airstream for both living and traveling, and building a small house, slowly. We became minimalists... seriously, you should see my wardrobe.  We also believe strongly in a natural, non-toxic life.

What's your story?  Send me a message... I want to hear from you.  

With love,


Education + Certifications

Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.)

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200)

Certified Holistic Health Coach 

Advanced Certificate Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy + Fellow of Albert Ellis Institute

Fun Facts

I like: beach life, dogs, dolphins, manatees, warm ocean water, flip-flops, pastels, fresh air, SUP boards, long boarding, yoga, SUP yoga, skiing, sushi, poke bowls, burritos, guacamole, chocolate, organic beauty, mindful living, thunderstorms, the moon, vintage Airstreams, hammocks, palm trees, taking personal responsibility, unconditional self-acceptance, and unicorns.  Also, my family.  :)

I don't like: restrictive diets, punishing workouts, fighting over politics, negative self-talk, hypocrisy, bullshit, body shaming, obsessive anything, folding clothes, washing dishes, environmental toxins, heavily processed "foods", chemical laden products, garbage on the beach, relish, or perfume.