Slow Down, Baby

[Featuring Sand Cloud Towels + Jala Leggings]

As a whole, we're pretty bad at relaxing and taking it easy.  We all seem to be too busy and it feels like most of the day happens in emergency mode.  

I've seen this pattern in myself, and I've caught myself spending my days as if there was a fire lit under my buns for no reason other than habit.  It doesn't feel good, and I constantly work to break this pattern. 

Here's why: When you are frequently in emergency mode two things can happen.

1) Chronic stress.  Your body breaks down from stress, and stress makes us more susceptible to disease and illness-- mentally and physically.  Stress can damage your relationships, inhibit your ability to learn, reduce your ability to concentrate, and lower your performance and productivity.  It's linked with obesity, heart disease, cancer, and even the common cold to name a few.

2) You miss out on life, and creating your best life.  If you're always rushing, focusing on what's next, and moving about your day like everything is urgent, then you are missing out on the greatest gift of all, the present moment.  I'm not saying you have to be mindful all of the time, but slowing down and really experiencing life is what life is all about. The present moment is where the magic happens.  It's here that you accomplish the most, crush your goals, and work towards the life you love.  It's where you experience love, real human connection, and playtime (aka the best time).

So how do you slow it down?

1) Schedule time to relax.  Stop and watch the sunset. It's even better spent on a soft Sand Cloud towel (Bonus: 10% of your purchase goes to save marine animals!)  Try not to plan and think about what you'll be doing later.  It's harder than it sounds!  If you need help learning how to breathe and relax your mind check out this blog post here.

2) Schedule time for fun.  PLAY!

3) Give yourself permission to relax.  It's okay if you don't get every single thing done. Prioritize and let certain things slide. Edit the to do list, and don't compare your accomplishments or productivity to anyone else's.  

4) Check in with why you are in such a rush.  What are you worried about missing out on?  Learn how to say no!  Remember this truth: You are only too busy because you allow yourself to be too busy.

5) Check in with your body, and think about what it is telling you.  If you feel tension (jaw clenched, shoulders scrunched up towards your ears, shallow breath, racing heart), stop and take some slow deep breaths.  Allow your body to relax fully, and imagine the tension melting away.  

You have to retrain your body and mind.  With practice, slowing it down will get easier.

Have you ever noticed that the beach is one of the few places where it's socially acceptable to sit and do nothing?  I love this about the beach, but let's work on making relaxing and doing nothing elsewhere socially acceptable, too!  

 How will you slow it down this weekend?

Towel by Sand Cloud - 10% of profits are donated to protect marine life!

Leggings are Jala Clothing - Use Lindsay25 for 25% off!  Their leggings are perfect for the beach and SUP yoga.