New Year Resolutions - Part 1

Let's talk about New Year resolutions!

First of all, they typically do not work. I don't even promote them to be honest because of this. SO.... Let's go over why they usually fail, and then in my next post I will share how to set a better resolution to help you crush it! Sound good?

Okay, here we go... 


1) We tend to set unrealistic resolutions, using the excitement of a new year to motivate us when we aren't truly motivated to change. Without true motivation, you're bound to fail when the novelty wears off. On top of this, we don't hold ourselves accountable long term.

2) We place our happiness in the hands of our resolution. Happiness goals do not work, and you will never find happiness with typical resolutions such as quitting smoking, losing 10 pounds, giving up sugar, changing your budget... whatever it may be. This can be a huge let down which sets you up to feel like crap.

3) Our goals don't align with our true-selves which in turn leads us to feel bad about who we are. Or, we place our identity or self-concept on our resolutions. You are not your resolutions.

4) We set poor time goals that are too big. Example, lose 5lbs by February. When we don't hit it, we feel bad about ourselves. Then we quit. Then we feel like losers. It's a vicious cycle.

5) Changing behaviors is complicated. You have to change how you think, not just what you do. You have to rewire yourself, so to speak. Focusing on behavior alone isn't enough.

6) We stop living and obsess over resolutions. This leads to burnout and feeling miserable. We lose out on the present by being so caught up in achieving the future goals.


Check back in for my next post to learn how to set a better and more attainable resolution so you hit your goal and feel good about yourself.

How do you feel about resolutions? Have you had much success with them?


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Longboard - BTFL Boards - made for girls, by girls.