Fri-Yay Feels

Happy Fri-Yay + Cinco de Mayo friends,

Another week has gone by... I'm not quite sure how that is even possible, but isn't that how we all feel?  This is your reminder to stop putting things off!  

It's time for my new weekly Fri-Yay feels rapid fire post (as rapid as I can be, haha).  This will be a weekly post where I share all sorts of random stuff that I'm either feeling or not feeling over the course of the week.  If you'd like me to include a category for next week, let me know in the comments.  

Here we go...

What I'm feeling:  All of the flowers blooming everywhere!  It's tempting to pull over and photograph them everywhere I go.  Also the amazing sunset that I experienced on the beach last night all by my lonesome.  

What I'm not feeling:  Instagram's shadow ban.  What the hell?  I was devastated to find out I've been battling a shadow ban for 6 months!  Turns out though, most bloggers and brands are.  The positive out of this is that it has connected me to other like-minded ladies, and inspired me to put more focus here on the blog rather than just my Instagram.  

A lesson learned: Diversify.  Diversify.  Diversify.

Who's inspiring me: My girl Sara Lou, aka @saralouyoga on Instagram.  Sara and I connected on Instagram a couple of years ago, and we frequently chat about life and building yoga/wellness businesses.  Sara works her butt off building her brand which she is super passionate about, and supporting women to be their healthiest versions of themselves through the yoga practice on and off the mat.  Her work ethic inspires me.  Surround yourself with like-minded people who inspire you and encourage you to keep at it when things get tough.  Sara did not pay me to say this.  She doesn't even know I'm writing this.  :) 

What I'm noshing on: Eden Shake - Sesame + Sea Vegetable Seasoning.  This stuff is SO good!  Try it on an avocado or on avocado toast, in a sandwich, sprinkled on rice, or mixed into poke.

What I'm letting go of: My self-concept that I'm an unorganized person.  The more I tell myself I'm unorganized, the worse I get.  It's like an excuse for me not to even try.  I call bullshit on myself.  I'm stepping up my game, and telling myself with affirmations that I can be organized if I choose to be.  "I choose to be organized."  I'm taking my planners to another level, and I am practicing some skills that I'll be sharing on the blog soon. Hell yes!

What's making me laugh: My son who is finding everything funny lately.  Bodie will be two in July, and he has quite the sense of humor.  That and this funny meme about Yoga!

What I'm wearing:  These pull-on Madewell shorts.  So comfortable, functional, and cute.  Since going minimal with my wardrobe last year I needed clothes that can be worn a multitude of ways.  These fit the bill.





Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!

With love,




*** Nothing mentioned in this post is sponsored.  Just spreading the love.***