June Update and What's Next


It's been way too long since I shared on here, and I will not say it's because I've been too busy.  For awhile I tried to really plan out the content on my blog, but that was hard for me.  I'm not a planner.  I prefer to write about whatever is on my mind, and these days there is a lot, maybe too much, going on upstairs.  I found that my emotional state didn't always match what I was supposed to be writing about.  Things just kind of unraveled, but with that said, I will be back to two blog posts a week starting now, and I'll be sharing whatever I feel like.  Sounds good?

Here is what I've been up to...

Earlier this month Bodie and I came down with a cold.  We felt off for several days.  Then I came down with mastitis (I still breastfeed Bodie), and was running a 101.5 fever.  We recovered from all of that, and then I sprained my ankle pretty badly.  How did I sprain it?  Here is the story...

Bodie and I were out for a stroll, and we were scoping out the flowers.  Bodie has learned all of his colors from flowers.  Anyhow, I saw some beautiful yellow flowers, and when we were done I picked him up, took a step backwards, and fell off the curb into the road.  Bodie was totally fine.  He stayed in my arms, but let me tell you, my ankle was burning like it was on fire.  I could not stand on it if my life depended on it.  I kept the little guy in my arms, and scooted back to the sidewalk.  After about ten minutes, I had to walk home on it.  Of course Bodie refused to walk, and I had to carry him 1/4 mile home.  I cried pretty much the entire way.  My ankle got very swollen, but I could still stand on it.  I decided to give it a couple days, and if it didn't improve then I'd get an x-ray.  I iced every 20 minutes.  That was 11 days ago now.  I'm able to walk and do light yoga, but it is still quite sore and swollen. I am practicing patience and self-love!  It is healing, and I expect a full recovery.

We spent Father's Day out exploring Lake Powell on our SUP boards, and then played and relaxed on the beach by the old pier.  The hammock photos I shot were taken on this day, and I absolutely LOVE how they turned out.  If you want a photoshoot here, email me!  Let's make it happen.  The water was really warm and clear.  I love this beach because besides the pier, there are so many gorgeous shells.  Most of 30A is shell free so it is fun to do some shelling when we are here.  Bodie likes finding shells, and then chucking them back into the sea.  :)

Tropical storm Cindy came through, and it rained for about three days.  It seems that just west of here got the worst of it.  We stayed safe here.  I got out to see the huge waves, and watch the surfers a little bit in the rain.  It's cool to see such big waves here.  Unfortunately, the stormy seas devastated the turtle nests.  I read that 95% of them have been demolished.  I feel very sad about this news.  In addition, the stormy seas wash up so much plastic and garbage onto the beach.  I'm planning on doing some cleaning up tomorrow and over the weekend.  I now bring a trash bag to the beach with me every time I go.  It's really made me do some deep thinking about plastic usage, and I'll be talking about it more and more here.  We spent the rainy days inside snuggled up, and now that things are drying up we will be back to living outside!  I don't handle staying inside for days at a time very well.  Our living area is about 250 square feet, and that can start to feel very small with two adults, a toddler, and two big dogs day after day with no exercise.

Anyhoo, In general, I've been working with my coaching clients, and doing more and more photography related work.  In case anyone was wondering, I do currently have room for a couple more coaching clients, and am still booking photoshoots for the summer and fall.  My artwork is about to be displayed along 30A.  I will tell you exactly where once it's officially on the wall.  It is such a cool feeling!  I feel extremely vulnerable and excited all at once.  Oh, and private yoga lessons are available as well... a great option if you have a group, and want a private class for you and your family/friends while visiting the area.  If you want to do a yoga session and then do a yoga photoshoot we can make that happen, too!

So here on the blog, what can you expect in the coming months?  I'm glad you asked!  Here's a little teaser (and as previously stated, none of this is actually in my content planner).

  • All about plastic - how I continue to try to minimize my family's plastic usage and my frustrations.  This was inspired by the sickening feeling I get every time I see plastic on the beach.
  • How we have gone even more minimal, and no longer have a closet.  If you want to know where my clothes are, make sure to read this one.
  • More conscious beauty, and my top choices for brands who are limiting plastic packaging.
  • Why I decided to turn my hobby into a career, and how it's never too late to do what you love.
  • July is Bodie's birthday month, and I've decided to FINALLY share his birth story!  Hint: it involves a home birth, 18 hours of labor, and a couple stitches.  You will get all of the details.  Some will be explicit.  Be ready.
  • I'll be in the Adirondacks for a bit next month as well, and will share the adventures here as well.  

What else would you like for me to blog about?  And how's June been treating you?  

With so much love,