Social Media Authenticity Police

Has anyone else noticed the barrage of people questioning and scrutinizing other people's authenticity?

The "I am the real deal, and they are not" message seems to be everywhere I look on social media these days... which is basically a microcosm of real life.  There just seems to be so much judgement about who is being real and who isn't.  I find the whole thing off putting, negative, and ironically unauthentic!

It's too easy to point fingers... and I know this because I have pointed fingers myself.  (Who hasn't?)

And what does authenticity even look like?  I think it's more of a vibe than anything.  It looks different on everyone, and that can be hard to see if it manifests in a way we aren't used to.

Not everyone wants or needs to share the same things with the world.  And just because you don't like something that someone is doing doesn't make them unauthentic.  A curated feed doesn't mean it's not real.

I've thought about that last one a lot, and what I know for sure is that if I posted spontaneous and unfiltered photos of myself binging on hot dogs and chocolate (yes, it happens more often then I care to admit) then that would actually be unauthentic to me.  I'd be sharing this only so the authenticity police accepts me.  In actuality, I feel vulnerable with every single thing that I share even though the photos are curated and edited (I am after all a photographer).  I get that this isn't for everyone, and it shouldn't be!

Only the individual who posts truly knows whether or not they are being authentic.  

It is up to each of us to follow accounts we like, not crap on accounts we don't.  

And of course... some people really just aren't authentic! But so what?  Let people post whatever they want.

The more important things I've realized...

  • We are all people.  Let's play nicely.
  • Scroll mindfully - with intention!  This is time you never get back, so spend it on things that inspire and energize you!  Judging other people will zap your energy.
  • And the kicker, if an account bothers you, take a look at yourself to understand the reasons why.  Some of the Instagram accounts that have rubbed me the wrong way have done so because they triggered an issue I had within myself.  Once I understood that, I got over it!

Have you noticed the Authenticity Police on social media (or real life) as well?  What is your take on it?  Why do you think as a culture we are so obsessed with judging who is real and who is not?

With love,