Indulging Makes Me Healthier

Hey friends!

Today was a day of errands, cleaning, and packing.  We are headed on a little road trip tomorrow to meet up with family in central Florida.  I have a few day trips planned that I am really excited about.  Anyhow, when I plan for a road trip, the first thing that always comes to mind is food!  Nothing is worse than being in a car and being hungry.

... and I truthfully use it as a bit of an excuse to eat some fun food that I wouldn't typically have on a regular day.

Extra coffee. Duh. 

Cheese and sausage?  Yes please.  

Bearitos cheese puffs?  Yup.  


So Bodie and I headed to Whole Foods today for lunch, and picked up the snacks for the road.  I looked in my cart as I was headed to the check out, and noticed there was not one fruit or vegetable except for some dried mango (which is basically more sugar, lets be real).  I thought to myself, if anyone in this store reads my blog which is about mindful and healthy living, they'd probably think I was a big fake.

The thing is, I am healthy most of the time.  I do yoga most days.  I eat well most days.  I used to be really strict about this sort of stuff, and actually felt less healthy as a result.  For me, I need the balance of having indulgences in my life otherwise I get rigid and obsessive which are the furthest thing from ever being healthy.

You can drink green juice and eat salads until the cows come home, but if you're stressed about said green juice and salad then that's not even close to being healthy.

Tomorrow I will enjoy all the coffee, snacks, cheese, and sweets that I want while I drive.  

And I know this...

When I arrive and park, I'll think to myself, "Ugh i can't wait to eat well and workout this week." Funny how that works!

Indulging actually makes me healthier most of the time.

I'll be sharing some of our adventures on the blog!  Anywhere I should definitely go (Besides the usually central FL stuff)?

Lots of love,