Why I joined the Breakaway Movement

Hey guys!

What is up?!?! After receiving so many questions about the Breakaway Movement, and what it is that I actually do, I figured it was time to write a blog post about it to cover all the questions.

Okay, first things first, the Breakaway Movement is a training platform designed and created for elevated entrepreneurs who are ready to dive in and learn how to run their own successful online business. As you create your business, it also serves as your online office essentially, and automates 90% of your work. We care deeply about health and wellness, personal development and mindset training, reducing our carbon footprints, reducing single use plastics, finding complete financial abundance, time and location freedom, designing lives that are full of purpose and passion, and supporting and inspiring those within our community.

There is a team of us! So you essentially work for yourself, but have a community. We have weekly team calls, group chats, text each other all of the time, and have meet ups.

This movement has allowed people to quit their 9-5s, travel the world, support and raise their families full time, pay off all of their debt, donate to causes they care about, eliminate financial stress, plan for retirement, and this is just the tip of the iceberg in a relatively short amount of time. It’s literally possible to change your life in 6 months. And this is exactly why I joined. I was personally tired of financial stress, wanted to be able to create an abundant stream of income, plan for retirement, and be location independent. I also wanted passive income streams so I could essentially make money while I sleep, and not just trade my time for money which is horribly inefficient.

We call this a movement because that’s exactly what it is… It’s a new mindset. A new way of living. And I believe it will become the new norm rather than working at a desk or within an office. We are breaking away, and creating life on our terms.

How do we make this impact? How do we actually make money? Simply put, we sell a high ticket item that pays out over 50% commission. If you sell a low ticketed item (like $1000 or less), you are going to need to make so many more sales to make a livable income. We use online and organic marketing so no one ever feels salesy (all of this is taught to you). We also automate 90% of the process so we are incredibly efficient and aren’t wasting time. This allows for time freedom.

Do you need a big following or to be an influencer? No. Our training platform teaches you everything. If you already have a brick and mortar store or say a coffee shop you could use your space as well to sell while benefitting your clients/customers. There isn’t just one way, and our community gets very creative.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. If you’re curious, this is your personal invitation to check out the platform. Click HERE for the intro video, and then scroll down to enter your name + email address. This will give you access to the free web class, the compensation plan video (you want to see this one for sure to see for yourself how much money we are making per sale), and more. This link is my personal link, so if you’re even slightly curious about working 1:1 with me as your mentor and coach as you design your dream life it’s important that you click it!

I’m ready to share this abundance and opportunity with all of you.

Are you open to receiving it?

With LOVE,