30A Unicorn Light

Happy Tuesday!  

Last night I bought tons of food for a dinner picnic on the beach; however, we were so hungry that we couldn't wait and loaded up first, and then packed super light for the beach (aka camera and two towels). Bonus: We had dinner number two when we got home!  

The beach was absolutely magical last night. After having Tropical Storm Cindy come through a week ago, the shore line had completely changed. The water line was so high! Yesterday things finally started to calm down. When I took Bodie to the beach in the morning, the water was really shallow and calm. We left for a midday nap, some work, and food shopping, and when we returned in the evening the beach had doubled in size! What was left was gorgeous wet sand that made one hell of a magical light reflector. The sunset was absolutely exquisite.  

I brought my Nikon 85mm 1.4F lens with us, and I'm so glad I did! Usually I just bring out my 50mm for our own personal photos because it's smaller and lighter. Both lenses are favorites of mine, but the 85 has an extra level of magic to it.

I shot 800+ photos of Bodie! Here are my favorite photos from the night.