An Unplanned Break

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend.  I was busy shooting for a really rad lifestyle brand (can't wait to share with you!), as well as a ton of time with my husband and Bodie, and of course, the beach.  Today is shaping up to be a bit of a catch up day, which feels really good.  My trip to NY was delayed by a week due to my dad's surgery (he just had his second surgery for a subdural hematoma).  He is on complete rest so he needs a very quiet week.

Since I rescheduled my flight last minute, it has left me with a week of zero appointments or plans.  At first, I tried to fill it with clients whom I had initially turned down because of travel.  But all of those clients had moved onto someone else, and I had a huge realization... 

Perhaps I need a week of zero appointments?

Last week was over the top for me.  I had a photoshoot everyday.  I have brand collaborations that need to get done.  My son got a cold.  My dad had surgery (we found out the bad news last Monday).  I had one night that I got less than an hour of sleep.  

I know sometimes life gets crazy, and we're along for the ride... but I don't like total mayhem and stress which is how it felt.  If I don't eat right or get my yoga in I feel it.  I feel my mood go downhill which seriously seems to bring everything down.

I think I needed this all to happen... I mean not my dad needing another surgery, but for things to work out so I had no plans for a week.  I need to catch up and relax.

Being crazy busy isn't good.  I have a very difficult time turning work I love down.  So it almost feels like the universe turned it down for me.  It's all a bit funny, because none of this was really a plan.  I quit my job, moved, and started this space to just share and see where it went.  Now I find myself getting so busy that I need to check in with myself. 

I'm looking forward to a week of catch up, beach time, cooking, and BLOGGING!  I love this space, and have such a vision for where I want it to go.  Grateful for this little unplanned nudge to give me room for play, creativity, and dreaming.

Have you had any unplanned breaks recently, or are you in need of one, too?

Lots of LOVE,