If Kale Isn't Your Jam, Eat This...

If you've been here for awhile, you know that I work really hard to eat well and live well most days... But I must confess something... I literally cannot stand kale (GASP!).  The only way I can eat it is juiced, but then hidden beneath yummy other juices like apple and lemon.  Kale is a dark green superfood, and basically the center of so many people's healthy eating.  It's also kinda trendy... have you seen all the adorable "Eat More Kale" gear?

For me, it's not just the taste... digesting raw kale is just too taxing on my system.  For years I actually forced myself to eat the stuff because it was good for me... I'm like that.  I have an extremely high tolerance for things that taste like shit if they're good for me.  Case in point: Every single night I drink a shot glass of water mixed with MSM crystals.  Tastes terrible, but awesome for joints, energy, inflammation, immune support, and cell repair... so I suck it up.

Back to kale though - I tried everything... steaming it, dehydrating it, adding it to smoothies, and even massaging it with oil to break it down.  It still did not agree with me, and left me bloated with a belly ache (plus gas. yikes and no thank you.).

The good news that took me way too long to realize is that kale is just the tiniest fraction of healthy living.  You can live an amazingly healthy lifestyle that doesn't involve a shred of kale.

But this blog post isn't actually about kale.  Shocker, I know.  

What I want you to take away from this is that there is never a one size fits all for healthy living.  What is most important is that you find a lifestyle that is sustainable for you.  

Find your jam.

Eat really well 90% of the time.  Eat a variety of veg + fruits.  Avoid the processed stuff.  Get your healthy fats.  Ditch the sugar.  Eat probiotics. Eat superfoods.

Move your body most days.  Yoga, walking, jogging, swimming, pilates, bouncing on a rebounder... whatever moves you.

Minimize stress rather than create stress in your life.  Emphasize this just as much as any other part of your wellness.

Avoid anything toxic... relationships, products, etc.  Identify them in your life - you know the ones.  Let them go.

Go natural and organic.

And most importantly, never be rigid or obsess.

So to get to the title of this, "if kale isn't your jam, eat this," the 'this' is simply whatever else is good for you that you enjoy.  Wellness is not all or nothing.

With lots of love and zero kale,