Jongle Beach Bonfire

Hey friends!

Last week I was lucky enough to hang out and photograph a gorgeous Jongle Beach bonfire.  Rachel and Glenn are masters at creating there perfect set up so you can hang out with friends, have fun, and enjoy our beautiful beaches when the sun goes down.  We had an incredible sky, and birds galore... I'm pretty sure every bird that calls 30A home was with us.  There were lots of s'mores and beers being had.  And double fun, little Bodie got to come along (be sure to look for him below).  He cooperated mostly.  :)

Here are some of my favorite shots from the evening.  I had a really tough time choosing!

With love,


Jongle Bonfire-2799.jpg
Jongle Bonfire-2840.jpg
Jongle Bonfire-2780.jpg
Jongle Bonfire-2848.jpg
Jongle Bonfire-2910.jpg
Jongle Bonfire-2972.jpg
Jongle Bonfire-2937.jpg
Jongle Bonfire-2995.jpg
Jongle Bonfire-2982.jpg
Jongle Bonfire-3035.jpg
Jongle Bonfire-3060.jpg
Jongle Bonfire-3080.jpg
Jongle Bonfire-3102.jpg
Jongle Bonfire-3145.jpg
Jongle Bonfire-3114.jpg
Jongle Bonfire-3165.jpg
Jongle Bonfire-3195.jpg
Jongle Bonfire-3211.jpg
Jongle Bonfire-3251.jpg
Jongle Bonfire-3338.jpg
Jongle Bonfire-3421.jpg