Meditation Behind the Camera

Yesterday evening, I was headed out to do a shoot.  I dropped Bodie off with his dad, and drove off to a super secret location.  I actually found parking.  I set up the tripod, switched the lens on my camera, and turned it on.  The memory card icon flashed.  Crap.  I left the card in my computer.  The sunlight was a beautiful golden color, and I couldn't take one shot!

So I packed up and left.  I wish I could tell you I simply brushed it off, and filed the experience as a learning experience (always have a backup card!).  But I didn't.  I got angry with myself.  It's very hard for me to make this time lately because of toddler life and my husband's work schedule.  I felt like I blew the whole thing.

I drove home, and with 20 minutes until sunset, grabbed my memory card and headed to the nearest beach access point (about a 5 minute drive if even).  I raced down the beach to a quiet location.  I began to shoot, thinking that I probably wouldn't get much because of the quickly setting sun, and my negative attitude.

The funny thing though is that within a couple minutes I was so in the zone that I forgot everything.  Pure in the moment.  Bliss.

Meditation behind the camera.

I stayed until close to 8pm when it was only bright enough to see because of the bright white sand we have here.  I returned to my car feeling happy and energized.

My point is, it's very difficult when you are filled with emotion to think your way out of it.  I'm not saying it's impossible, but it's hard.  Pick up a camera, or whatever it is that you like to do, and aim to get out of your head and flow into the zone.  When you're calm, THEN deal with those underlying feelings.

For me, I know I'm still a perfectionist deep down.  I've been working on it for years, and most minutes of most days it's no longer an issue for me.  It was hard to see that when I was so upset.

What can you do to help reconnect you with the present moment when you're upset?  I love hearing from you.

Happy Fri-Yay,


Mermaid Loot Bag by Salty Kai