Minimalism for Your Best Work

If you've been following me for awhile you may have picked up that I've been under some stress.  I was really open and honest about it a few weeks ago... to the point where concerned family and friends reached out!  We are totally fine you guys, but thank you for the outpouring of LOVE.  How lucky am I?

I go through phases like this before hitting periods of growth.  I think it's a natural progression for most of us.  Stress is not a death sentence, and it can actually be beneficial at times if it lights a fire under your ass.  The goal is never to avoid stress.  It's impossible.  It's how you manage it, and learning how to reduce the unhealthy part of it.  We want it to help motivate you, but not negatively impact your mental and physical health.  Yes?

Anyhow, the stress that I had been dealing with helped us make some fun decisions which I'm sharing with you right now, today, here!  Woohoo!

1) While my husband is in between projects we are going full force with PROJECT AIRSTREAM!  Yaaassssss.  If you want to follow that journey, you can check out our Instagram account @saltedmoonairstream.  Ed is in the process of stripping it to the bare bones.  We plan on living in it, and unlike what some people may think, this is a choice and does not indicate that we are homeless.  We want to experience living in such a small space.  How minimal can we go?  What do we really need?  And how much more purposeful can we be with less weight on us?  Also, hello road trips!  Who should we visit first?

2) I have decided that I needed to apply my minimal and on purpose living philosophy to my business and brand.  Letting go of clothing and shit it easy for me.  It wasn't always, but now I gladly get rid of stuff.  When it comes to my work, I have SO many interests, threads of ideas, and passion.  This is great, but is also problematic for me.  I decided I needed to let go... Minimalism for business and the soul. Doing way too much leads me to feeling burned out, uninspired, and questioning with the hell I'm doing with my life.  My lifestyle content has naturally shifted over the last year as I've been open about my love affair with minimalism and purposeful living.  This is where I will continue to go, and I feel like it will allow me to really produce my best work for you guys.  My coaching is also more tailored to this concept.  It doesn't mean you have to live in an Airstream, too.  It means I'm here to help you let go of whatever it is that doesn't add value to your life, and fill it with all sorts of magic that makes your life wonderful.  My writing will also revolve around this topic in a beachy, holistic, lindsay sort of way.  Intriguing?  I sure as hell hope so!

3) I will be more clear on how you can work with me, both for coaching and photography. Expect packages and fall specials soon! 

4) I will be spending less time worrying about social media, and more time blogging in my corner of the internet machine and fun emails.  Make sure to sign up for my newsletter on the main page.  I actually decided to stop posting on @photographywithlindsay and just post a wider variety of content on @lindsayhavlicekbell.  Again, this is because managing less is better for my creative juices and brain power.

5) I'm really excited to see where this all takes me.  My journey has been so wild, and I feel like it only makes sense that my path stays true to me.  

That's it for today!  Use that stress to motivate you and allow your creative self to evolve!

Right now is all you've got.  How will you choose to use it?

Infusing salty and balmy air into this blog right now in case you don't live by the beach. 

With LOVE,