New Year Resolution - Part 2

New Year Resolutions Part 2 (see previous post for Part 1, why resolutions tend to fail). Here is how to set a better resolution that you can totally crush:


1) Pick ONE specific goal that EXCITES you regardless of it being a New Year or not. Write it down, and jot down why you are doing this.

2) Start now. Nothing special happens when the clock strikes 12 on Saturday.

3) Break your goal up into smaller and more manageable pieces so that you meet these little goals more often. Celebrate them! They're all a big deal!

4) Try journaling about your progress to reflect on how things are going, but don't obsess about.

5) Buddy up! Have a pal to help hold you accountable, and do the same for them.

6) Love yourself and be gentle with yourself regardless of what happens.

7) Remember that you are not your goals. This has nothing to do with your identity. Avoid trying to reinventing yourself.

8) Happiness is a side effect of a well lived life. Don't make your resolution about finding happiness.

9) Be patient. Things tend to take longer than anticipated. Remind yourself why you are doing this when you feel discouraged or overwhelmed.

Are you setting a resolution? I'd love to hear it if you are up for sharing.