Raw & Juicy Photoshoot

Hi everyone,

I hope you're all having a good week.  We have been trying to get lots of odds and ends done before we head to Disney world this weekend.  I can't wait to take Bodie to the Magic Kingdom.  I've been a million times, and even once when he was a baby, but this new toddler phase seems like it will be the best time ever.  Have you ever done Disney with a toddler before?  Any musts?

I recently had the chance to do a shoot at Raw & Juicy in Seaside, Florida.  Raw & Juicy has two different options... 1) the cutest Airstream food and drink truck ever, and 2) an adorable store front with food, drinks, coconuts, and all sorts of natural and organic products of the highest quality.  

I always feel my best when I eat lots of fruits and veggies, especially blended ones that are super easy to digest... don't we all?  Somehow, despite the fact that this holds true for all of us, it's very easy to NOT make the best food choices.  

I'll be honest, lately my diet has involved more cookies (organic ones) and less veggies. It happens.  Food rhymes with mood for a reason though.  When I skip the good stuff, I can tell.  

So what to do if you've gotten off track? (a term that I dislike, btw, but it works here.)

There have been moments where I wanted to juice fast or go on a sugar cleanse, but that is my "all or nothing" tendencies coming out.  Instead, I avoid extremes and aim for balance.  Balance is sustainable.  Balance will not cause stress.  Balance is everything.  So... less refined.  More whole and real foods.  Easy.

Jen, the owner, shared her story of how she was passing through the area a decade ago, and just never left.  I'm really glad she stayed to make sure that we all have plenty of healthy options here to fuel us!  Be sure to visit the next time you're in town!

With love,