Why I'm Done Pursuing Balance


It's hard to believe that the summer solstice came and went, isn't it? That's because life seems to fly by for all of us.  I was thinking about it... I have dedicated my entire life to intentional living, wellness, and pursuing happy.  Not only is it the front and center of my personal life, but my entire brand (which is really just an extension of my identity) focuses on this. So, achieving balance which is "essential" for feeling good physically and mentally, should be somewhat easy for me, right?

It's not.  It is so not.  I am kind of an all or nothing person...  But last night as I was complaining about not being balanced enough to a friend, I realized something, what would more balance even look like for me?  I was tired, and just needed some sleep and food (hello hanger).  That's not balance.  That is my basic needs needing to be met.

In general, I fill my days with stuff I love.  I'm happy.  I'm healthy.  And then I thought some more, and came up the conclusion: Maybe there's no such thing as balanced living, and why am I stressing about achieving balance? 

Stressing about balance giving me more stress... the irony.

Maybe balance is just a ideological concept that is meant to neutralize doing all of the things we hate to do, but "have" to.

Maybe instead of striving for balance, we should just focus on meeting our own needs more, and not like sometimes, but daily in large doses!  Maybe we shouldn't just live a really stressful and overly busy life?

Working out, doing yoga, getting outside, sleeping, eating well, spending time with loved ones, creativity and art, putting the phone down, watching sunsets, ocean swims, taking walks...  Can we really ever have too much of that stuff?  I don't want to balance that stuff out to be honest.  I just want more of it.  

Balancing stuff that I hate with good stuff never seemed to neutralize the bad anyway.  

What makes you feel healthy?  What fulfills your soul? What do you love to do?  Who do you love? Forget balance, and do more and more of that stuff!  

Tip the scale.

Lots of love,

Lindsay :)