Why I Share What I Share

Someone recently asked me why I share so much personal information on the internet.  "Why would someone want to work with you if you haven't figured it all out yourself?" And "You should only share with people what you've already fixed for business reasons."

Let me first start with this.  No one has it all figured out, and no one has fixed all of their issues. The people who think they've done just that have even further to go.

I have a wealth of knowledge through my studies, clinical experience, AND my personal life... the personal part will always be a work in progress.  Health experts are not perfect human beings, and I think that when they're portrayed that way it makes the whole process seem overwhelming and unattainable for us regular folks.

I have come a long way since I first embarked on this journey.  I've basically done a 180 from the girl who felt so badly about herself, had a ton of anxiety, was constantly stressed, was sick and exhausted because of lifestyle choices, was unhappy with the direction she was going in life, was in a real crapper of a relationship with a guy who had zero respect for me, but didn't share one word of any of it to the world!  No one knew how I felt back then because I was so good at pretending to be fine.  But just because I've made so many changes doesn't mean I'm done.  I have a toolbox, actually more like a huge barn, full of ways to make life so much better now.  This is the stuff I share.

This lifestyle is a balanced approach full of deep and often difficult work so that you can feel better emotionally and physically.  It is meant to be a sustainable practice because, quite frankly, the journey is never over. 

It's about getting in touch with your unique gifts, and uncovering the muck so that you can offer those gifts to the world.  

It's about making your well-being and health a priority so that you can experience the best life possible in that beautiful body of yours.  

It's about learning how to love and accept yourself no matter what.  

It's about tapping into your intuition, and following your heart even if it goes completely against what society is telling you to do.

It's about removing the "shoulds" from your life.  

It's about more mindful living.

It's about being the real you! 

I live this lifestyle.  I practice what I preach, and I'm honest about my experience.  It's not about being perfect.  It's about throwing the idea of perfection out the window and living it up, one experience after the next.  It's always evolving because every single day I learn something new to better help myself and better support you.

I share because pretending that my life is perfect is so unappealing to me.  

I share because it makes me stronger and better.

I share because we're all on this journey together.

I share because my honesty and experiences have helped many people. 

I share so that people can better understand the lifestyle I believe in.  

I share so people realize that they will always be a work in progress, too.

I share because being vulnerable is not easy for me, and I believe in the powers of opening up and exposing your true self to the world.

I'll continue to share whether people get me or not. It's not my problem if some don't. 

I trust that with each post I write I will lose followers, but gain a tribe.  

With LOVE!