Do you want to feel happier?

Do you want to reduce stress?

Do you want to live a more meaningful life?

Do you want to improve your health and wellbeing?

Do you want to discover and develop what you're passionate about?

Do you want to have more time for what really matters in life?

Do you want to simplify your possessions and let go of things that drain you?

Do you want to clear out the mental clutter + stop getting in your own way?

Do you want to feel free + spend time doing what you actually prioritize?


The truth is, a lot of us feel disconnected from our true selves, passions, and purposes.  We have settled for lives that aren't bad, per se, but are not leaving us feeling fulfilled and satisfied.  We've brushed off our dreams as being unrealistic, and we don't prioritize our health and wellbeing.  We know we could make better choices, if we had more energy and time, and we suffer both emotionally and physically.  We spend hours inside working to pay the bills, wishing it was the weekend, and the cycle continues for years.  We sabotage our own success.  We don't believe in ourselves.  We feel anxious and stressed....

Did any of that resonate with you?  That is exactly how I felt several years ago, and it felt like I'd never be able to dig my way out.  I really didn't know where to start, but realized that I needed to start regardless.

I'm here to support you by sharing the principles that I've applied to my very own life.

My approach: 

My approach is much deeper than that of a traditional life coach.  In addition to being a coach, I am an expert in human behavior, meaning I am able to more effectively help you implement change, break bad habits and create new healthy ones, and let go of thinking patterns that are not helping you.

  • CONFIDENTIAL AND SAFE 1:1 phone appointments.  So confidential that if we meet in person I will pretend I don't know you in order to respect your privacy (of course you can say hello and we can chat-- I'll just let you initiate it!)

  • 10+ years of training and experience as a mental health expert.

  • Design a personalized, optimal, and balanced lifestyle that you LOVE + has your HEALTH and PASSIONS in mind.

  • A balanced and modern approach to yoga living. 

  • Goal setting (to give us a direction) + daily action (how we will get you from point A to B) with an emphasis on your journey not the destination! I will hold you accountable.

  • You know yourself best.  I'm here to support YOU.

  • Stress management and prioritizing your wellbeing.

  • Finding more contentment in the areas you desire.

Get in touch! I know how hard the first step is, but I promise it is SO worth it.

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