You have the skills, the passion, and ideas, but aren't sure if making the leap is possible.  I get it, I've been there.  

Many of the clients I work with who initially came to me for lifestyle design ended up wanting to create a creative business of their own.  They dream up a business that allows them to live a life they're passionate about, and do the kind of work they love.  It makes sense, because the amount of time that we spend working during the week is more time then we spend with our families!  Work life balance is important, yes, but so is doing the work you love.  Don't wait to live your life until the weekend, vacation, or retirement.  

We are often held up by a lack of clear goals, limiting beliefs, guilt, and uncertainty.  Financial pressures and having children make it even scarier.

Together, we take your skill set and expertise, and redesign and repackage those abilities into your creative business.  We crush the self-sabotage, find clarity and direction, take action, and get over the fears.

It's never too late!  I've worked with yoga teachers, life + health coaches, photographers, and chefs who all craved using their abilities on their terms and redefining what success meant to them.

The result?  More joy, less long-term stress, more freedom, more creativity.