Is the VW Beetle yours, and what year is it?  Can it come to our shoot?

The bug is mine! ...Or perhaps, I am hers?!  She is a 1969, and her name is Ellie.  Right now, she can't come out to play during our shoot, although she would love nothing more.  Ellie needs a lot of work.  She doesn't start on her own (I've gotten amazing at pushing her and popping the clutch), and needs a paint job like yesterday.  If you see me driving her around, be sure to wave and say hello, or help me pop the clutch!

What kind of camera/lens do you use?

I use a Nikon D750, and my favorite lenses are my 35mm and 24mm.  While good equipment is important, it isn't everything.  Please don't be discouraged if a full frame camera just isn't in your budget. It wasn’t in mine when I started out!  My first camera was a Nikon D5300, and some of my favorite photos ever where shot on that camera.

Did you go to school to be a photographer?

Nope.  I'm self taught.  I went to school to be a psychologist.  I also have certifications in yoga and holistic health coaching. Once I became passionate about photography I studied it on my own. I read everything from styling to shooting, to editing, to working with clients… over and over again. If you want to get good at something you have to fully immerse yourself in it. I was also blessed to have an amazing photographer soul sister who mentored me. Invest in yourself.

Can I hire you to photograph my family or an event on the beach?

You sure can!  Get in touch, and let's make it happen.  I'm available locally as well as for travel (yes, please!).

Do you live in Santa Rosa Beach, FL?

Yep! Since 2016.

What kind of dog is the fluffy one?

Lola is a standard poodle in need of a haircut.

What kind of diet do you follow? What are your workouts?

A whole foods diet with as little processed foods as possible.  I also try to limit sugars which is tough because I have a sweet tooth.  I love green juice, smoothies, and açaí bowls.  Big salads and protein are my jam.  I could eat sushi and miso soup daily.  And because life is short, I eat pizza, pasta, ice cream and cookies sometimes... but gluten and I don't really get along so I have to be careful. My workouts are yoga (sometimes gentle, sometimes vigorous), SUP boarding, playing with my three year old, and walking the dogs! I’m also just an active person by nature.

I want to move to your area.  Where should I live?

My recommendation is to spend time here, and get to know the area.  Each neighborhood has it's own special vibe!  

How do I get into yoga?

You make up your mind and commit to a practice.  Go to a local studio.  I cannot recommend it enough.  Find a teacher and style that resonates with you.  If you don't like a class, find another.  There's something for everyone.  Learn proper alignment, how to connect with your body, and how to engage your core.  Contrary to what you read on Instagram, you CAN get hurt doing yoga.  It usually happens because you're doing something wrong and pushing too hard.  It's how I tore my hamstring the second year of my practice.  With that said, yoga will change your life.  I started to get in shape, I stayed because it made all aspects of my life better.

I'm coming to your area.  Can I take a yoga class with you?

While I don't advertise for it because I can only do so much in life, I am available for a private yoga session.  I do not teach a public class at this time because I have too much going on to commit to a weekly class.  SUP yoga or yoga on the beach is my specialty, and if that is something you're interested in, let's talk!  

I have a cool brand that aligns with your vibe.  Can we collaborate?

I LOVE collaborating if we are a good fit.  It's where the real magic happens.  Let's talk.

Can you share your lifestyle choices?

Happy to!

  • minimal living to allow my time to go towards what I value most (we live in 600 square feet and want to downsize)

  • reducing stress daily

  • yoga and mindfulness practices

  • organic and non-toxic self-care products

  • eating organic whole foods that are minimally processed most of the time

  • green juice, smoothies + açaí bowls (+ organic coffee in the morning because let's be real)

  • swimming in the ocean and being barefoot as much as possible

  • lots of time with the people I love most, which includes snuggling with my dogs

  • being outside with my camera. It is a form of meditation for me.

  • attempting to sleep more. I'm a night owl at heart with a 3 year old who feels the same.