How do I book a session? Awww, yay! I’m so glad my work resonates with you. Let’s do this!!! This is how it works: head on over to the contact page to get in touch. I’ll email you back more detailed information. If that sounds groovy, and we want to take this to the next level I’ll send you a contract and you will put down a 50% retainer to book the session.

How and when do I pay you? I will send you an invoice for a 50% retainer to book your session (30% down for weddings).  Paying the retainer puts you in my book, and makes sure that the date/time doesn't go to someone else.  Please note, you will not have a session reserved until you pay the retainer.  The rest of the fee is due on the day of our shoot.  I will send you a second invoice.  You can pay online, or pay me with cash/check at the shoot.

How long will our shoot last? Typically 60-90 minutes.

When and how will I receive my photos? In 1-3 weeks for lifestyle sessions.  Photos will be available on an online gallery.  I'll email you the link. 4-6 weeks for weddings + elopements.

How many digitals do I get for couple or family sessions? For weddings + elopements, all the digitals are yours. For couple and family sessions you receive 20 digitals, and can purchase additional as well as products like albums or prints. I will send you all the details in a pricing guide.

How should I backup digital photos?
Purchase an external hard drive, and back that thang up every couple of years.  Also PLEASE make sure to print your images! You don’t spend all of this money to show off a digital download, you know?

What if it rains?  
Keep in mind that it rains daily in florida during the summer months, but not all day.  I do not reschedule until I know for certain it won't work. I have worked with plenty of people in drizzle or between showers, and the photos are still amazing. Let’s say things get really wild though… if that is the case we will simply use the retainer to reschedule for a different date/time that works for both of us. Retainers are not refundable.

How will I find you? We will agree on a location/time, and then you will text me when you arrive.  I always get there early. Please give yourself a little extra time, too.

What should we wear? I am going to send you a what to wear guide after you book! I’ve got you.

Do you provide RAW images? Nope. You will only receive edited files.

Can you photoshop us? I only photoshop images when something is intrusive to an image (like a garbage can in the background that we just can’t avoid), or there is something temporary on you like a bruise, scrape, or acne. I believe in promoting self love. I will not make you look like you had extensive plastic surgery, swap heads, or liquify bodies. If you are self conscious of something, lets talk about it so I can be aware of it while shooting. Believe me - I get it!!

Are you available for travel and how much does it cost? Yes, I am. I don’t have a set travel fee - it is completely dependent upon the request.

What if we need to reschedule our shoot? I try ridiculously hard to accommodate everyone, and I especially understand that children get sick and things happen. Please talk to me, and I will see what I can do. If I am unable to reschedule you (like if you are only visiting for 2 days and then never coming back), the retainer is not refunded.

What if you miss our wedding? I’d have to be dead to not be there. Seriously, I’m not missing this. But let’s just say there is some crazy scenario that makes me unable to attend, then I will send another photographer that I like out there to shoot for me.

Will you provide a payment schedule? YES. I am happy to break up your payment, but I do require this to be done so you have paid before the shoot.

Do you offer discounts? No. But I do like to offer petite specials at times, such as before the holidays. I typically announce these through my Instagram.

Is the VW Beetle yours, and what year is it?  Can it come to our shoot? The bug is mine! ...Or perhaps, I am hers?!  She is a 1969, and her name is Ellie.  Right now, she can't come out to play during our shoot, although she would love nothing more.  Ellie needs a lot of work.  She doesn't start on her own (I've gotten amazing at pushing her and popping the clutch), and needs a paint job like yesterday.  If you see me driving her around, be sure to wave and say hello, or help me pop the clutch!

What kind of dog is the fluffy one? Lola is a standard poodle in need of a haircut.