how to be an influencer.


Lindsay – I found you quite by mistake on Instagram when you liked one of my photos from Key Larg. Honestly, I never realized you are an “Influencer” – I just feel aconnection of like-minded thinking and lifestyle with you. I’ve never seen you post about a product or service – but I’m not the master of social media skills, so I may have just plain missed those posts. I work with a lot of people face to face and by phone and a good part of what I do us to inspire and keep people moving forward in whatever their personal endeavor is I love the way you e press the grounded feeling I know we both share and our love of the outdoors and yoga, and how they restore and ground us in our daily lives. 🙂


Hi Katherine!!
I love Key Largo. We went last summer, and sometimes I scroll through on the key largo hashtags. 🙂
I wrote the post because I don’t think “influencer” should be tied to just selling things. It’s more about what a person with a following (even a teeny one!) can share which benefits others. I do some sponsored posts… I’m extremely selective, and it has to be an absolute perfect fit.
Thanks so much for saying hi and for being here!!

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