signs it’s burnout you’re feeling


Hi Lindsay,
It’s funny you talk about burnout as a young professional, with a wide world and future ahead of you and talk about your feelings during that phase and how you’ve moved forward.
I’m at the very end of my career with some similar feelings as I transition into retirement, hopefully a semi- retirement because I can’t just STOP!!
I too am in the education field though this was my second career and one I’ve truly loved. But if I think of life as a yardstick I know I’m at the last quarter of it and it scares the hell out of me. Work has been somewhat of an identity for me. I’ve made amazing lifelong friends and acquaintances, learned and received much more than I gave or taught and now I hate the thoughts of that not being a part of my life. It’s tough at this stage of life!!
My retirement plans changed dramatically when my husband of many years paaaed away 5 years ago.
So I’ve worked a little longer and thought more of my next steps and hopefully there will be many more years of being productive , healthy , energetic, and hoping some of my best years are yet to come!!
I’ll keep thinking of your messages and your ability to live more freely, celebrating each day for the beauty it holds without the constraints of doing what is expected. I want to do much more of what makes me happy. I’ll keep looking at your messages especially when I’m not feeling so positive and need a lift.
Please keep up the great blogging as you share your thoughts and feelingsqirh your readers. . I’m sure you help more people than you know.
I’m so happy you are following your dreams!! You’re a really strong and smart woman!!!


Hi Cheryl,
Thank you so much for sharing some of your story… There are so many emotions, self-worth, and identity tied into our jobs. I can see why coming towards retirement, especially with what you have been through, would bring about a ton of feelings. I hope that you do exactly what you wrote – more of what makes you happy. You deserve it.
All the best + thank you again for being here,

I am so glad you r finding yourself and the meaning of life and what is important for you. Your blog will help others. Keep up the good fight and life got you.


Thank you, Phil!! 🙂

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