I wanted more than a 9-5 life.

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I was told to go to school, get a degree, accumulate a lot of debt, and work long days until I retired…

…and for awhile I did just that. I believed them… but I was completely miserable. I lived for the weekends, and I dreamed of traveling, having more time to do the things I love, and so forth.

I honestly didn’t know that it was possible to live by the beach, travel the world, and have a business that allowed me to have time, location, and financial freedom. Time and time again, I was told my dream was “unrealistic.”

And then one day, I quit. You know that saying that entrepreneurs are the kind of people that jump off a cliff and build a plane on the way down? Well, my jump was not very graceful. I flopped on the way down. I had no idea what I was doing, but slowly, piece by piece, figured it out.

Fast forward to today. I work from my laptop, wherever the wifi is strong. It’s usually from the beach or in bed with the dogs. I have time for my family and loved ones. I have the ability to support my other passions and interests. I can take my three year old to the beach, his activities, and so forth without having to ask for time off. I have lunch where and when I want to!

The life you want isn’t unrealistic. Please stop listening to anyone who tells you otherwise. My team and I are here to help you if you want the same opportunity that we all took. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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If you’re interested in:

Being your own boss;

Working where you want; when you want;

Traveling while still making an abundant income;

Working from your laptop + phone;

Connecting with like-minded and supportive business partners (we’re like family);

Potentially earning multiple 5 figures per month + 6 figure years…

Then this is for you!

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