Hey there! I'm Lindsay.

I am so glad you're here, and I honestly don't know where to begin with an introduction because I love to talk and have so much to share.

But let's start here: I'm a photographer, coach, and mentor living in the Sunshine State.  I'm at the beach and in the water at some point on most days, and don't feel like myself when a few days go by without a salty dip.  I moved to the Florida panhandle after growing up in the Adirondack mountains in New York.  I love coffee, bikinis and flip-flops, sunsets and moonrises, and moments on a SUP board, surf board, or yoga mat.  I'm married to the coolest guy I know, and we have a two year old son, as well as two dogs.  We are renovating a 1973 Airstream, and dream of traveling while we work.  I have a hard time sitting through a movie, love to cook but only when I feel like it, and spend way too much time at Whole Foods.  I live a minimalist lifestyle, and currently call a 600 square foot pad my home.  I wouldn't have it any other way.


A couple years ago, I walked away from my well-planned life to be where I am currently.  I have a doctorate in psychology, and practiced as a clinical and school psychologist for years.  I even trained at the Albert Ellis Institute in NY.  I owned a beautiful house in Concord, NH.  While life looked good on paper, I was really unhappy.  I respect anyone who can work in an office or behind a desk.  I am; however, not one of those people.  I longed for more creativity, adventure, and fulfilling work.

Which leads me to photography, the most fulfilling work I have ever done... a celebration of life, really.  I find that it allows me to express myself in a way in which words do not.  My values and love for people are inseparable from my work.  I can capture beauty, truth, and spirit in an image.  As scary as it was to take the leap and call myself a photographer, I knew I had to do it because life is too short not to pursue what we love.

My photography is inspired by my love for nature, the salty life, and how unbelievably beautiful this world is.  I love capturing the story behind an image, genuine moments between loved ones, and the connection we have to the natural world.  I'm obsessed with color, whether its soft and gentle tones infused into a black and white or a vivid and magical sunset.  I photograph individuals, couples, families, and events (like weddings), as well as campaigns, social media content, and editorial work.  I predominantly shoot on the beach, in the water, and out in nature.  

I love my beach lifestyle and creative business, and I want the same for you!  I consult, coach, and mentor individuals who are looking to design and live the lifestyle they dream of as well as pursue a creative and soulful business.  I use my real life experience doing all of this, as well as my training in psychology, wellness + holistic coaching, and yoga teacher training to make this happen.  

If you're still reading this, thank you!  I'd like to add that I also blog about all of this, sometimes... when I feel like it, and my son allows me to! ;) My blog is a collection of my thoughts, take on a good life, photography, and inspiration.  I'll be the first to admit I'm not the best blogger.  Sometimes I go weeks without saying anything.  At other times, I have lots to say.  What you will always find, however, is raw truth and honesty.

Thank you for being here. Take a look around, connect on Instagram (@lindsayhavlicekbell), and say hello!

With love,