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Hey there!

In 2015, I quit my 9-5, donated my stuff, moved to the beach, and manifested this creative and adventurous lifestyle that I’m wildly passionate about.  I share tidbits of it through Instagram, my writings, and photography.


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photographer, content creator, and artist.

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I’m Lindsay!

I’m a photographer, content creator, and artist who calls the Emerald Coast of Florida home.  I love worn in jeans, burritos as big as my face, and hanging out with my husband, 3 year old, and dogs (we have two!) over pretty much anything.

Photography is an extension and outward expression of my lifestyle. I can’t explain the why, but I feel a need to express my thoughts, document, and share my life with y’all.  My work and life are so blurred that I can’t really pinpoint where one ends and the other begins… and I dig that.


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