Hi! I’m Lindsay…

… A girl from the Adirondack Mountains, who traded in her 9-5, house, and cold weather clothes to live intentionally and minimally on the Emerald Coast of Florida. I believe that we are all capable of creating lives that we love, by choosing less, honoring our values, living slowly and thoughtfully, prioritizing our wellbeing, and through daily action.

I’ve been an entrepreneur of sorts since 2012, mostly part time and as my side gig. I always felt a calling to be my own boss, do my own thing, and use my skills creatively in a manner that spoke to me... but I never expected to be where I am today.

The ride has been a bit wild, chaotic, and frankly, left my family scratching their heads and confused at times. I am many things, and that’s changed dramatically over the past decade. I’ve learned so much about who I am, and therefore have gained clarity into the true work I want to do and life I want to live. I’m grateful for the ups and downs.

I am a full time photographer; with a focus on couple + family lifestyle, environmental portraiture, content creation for brands I celebrate, and landscapes/nature. I’m fascinated by the power of visual imagery, and I treasure my photos of travel, adventures, and my son growing up. A photo has the ability to stop us in our tracks, transport us to a different time and place, and make us change our behavior.

I am also a lifestyle consultant to give 1:1 support to clients who want help in creating and living their best lives. I’m here to uplift, inspire, and empower people to find freedom and live on their terms. I’m honored to be a part of that process and share my secrets, strategies, and fail proof advice.

Lastly, my blog is my personal corner on the internet where I get to share my thoughts on life, lifestyle recommendations and advice, health and wellness tips, and personal stories and adventure.

Take a look around, check out the print shop, get in touch, and let’s work together!


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I want to photograph you + your loved ones.

Want organic and full of life photos of you and your loved one(s) in nature? 

Santa Rosa Beach, Destin, FL, + travel (my bags are already packed).

Currently booking for Fall 2018