June Q+A

Hey friends,

Today I am answering some of the questions that were recently submitted to me on Instagram. I'm going to be doing these monthly or bimonthly (depending on the kind and amount of questions I receive).  Please send me your questions either in the comments or via email for next month.  Ask me about life, yoga, health, wellness, beach life, photography, or anything else!  

Here we go...

A Post with No Ending or Point

Hey friends!

This post is long overdue, and a fair warning, may be a little over the place.  I hate to say that I've been "too busy" to blog, but I truly have been too busy.  I've been pulled in a million different directions between motherhood and business.  In addition, we took a vacation last month, and then my dad ended up in the hospital.  I tried to keep everyone updated on Instagram, and appreciate all of the love and prayers we received.

Indulging Makes Me Healthier

Hey friends!

Today was a day of errands, cleaning, and packing.  We are headed on a little road trip tomorrow to meet up with family in central Florida.  I have a few day trips planned that I am really excited about.  Anyhow, when I plan for a road trip, the first thing that always comes to mind is food!  Nothing is worse than being in a car and being hungry.

Running a Business + Being a Mom


I have been totally swamped in motherhood over the past 10 days.  Bodie, who is not an easy toddler in general, got a cold early last week, that turned into a secondary infection last weekend.  He ended up on antibiotics.  My husband and I got the same bug, and went on antibiotics as well.  It's the first time I've had to take them in years!  

Being sick, and being a mom quite frankly sucks.

Being sick, and being a mom to a sick kid sucks even more.

Being sick, being a mom to a sick kid, and a wife to a sick husband is the worst!

The 30A Life Cover + Weekend Thoughts

Hey friends!  Happy Friday!

I am so excited to share that my photo (and Ellie the Bug) is on the cover of the latest issue of The 30A Life!  You can see the issue here online or pick up a copy around the 30A area.  I've been wanting to share this with you all since I first saw the cover a few days ago.  It's really a cool feeling as I watch where my photography takes me... Where will I be this time next year?

Social Media Authenticity Police

Has anyone else noticed the barrage of people questioning and scrutinizing other people's authenticity?

The "I am the real deal, and they are not" message seems to be everywhere I look on social media these days... which is basically a microcosm of real life.  There just seems to be so much judgement about who is being real and who isn't.  I find the whole thing off putting, negative, and ironically unauthentic!

It's too easy to point fingers...

Less Options = More Creativity

Earlier this winter, I decided to sell an extra camera body, 4 lenses, and several other accessories.  Since I had first gotten into photography, I had a huge wish list, and the mentality that I needed more and more to be a good photographer.  Obviously my equipment is important, but something had shifted in me as I began to focus on my creativity and expression rather than what gear I had. I realized, a good photographer or artist really only needs the basic tools to create magic.  How could I use what I already had to create an image in mind?  This has put me up in trees and in all sorts of strange places to get a certain shot.  Some of my most like photos were created this way.

Holistic Hair

Today we talk about... HAIR!

Is it "just hair?" Yes, of course... But hair is also highly connected to our identities (whether you think it should be or not), and I believe that we can strike a balance somewhere between over-attachment and not caring at all.  It is perfectly okay to care about your hair, but know that it is not essential AT ALL for a happy and healthy life.  Having "dream hair" is not going to fix your problems... and no matter how Instagram worthy your hair looks really means, well, not much.  There are really happy people out there who have lost all of their hair, and there are really unhappy people out there who have gorgeous mermaid locks.

Intentional Living Gone Bad

Hey guys,

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend!  I didn't do much of anything.  Well, I relaxed, went to the beach, took my son for pizza (and enjoyed a glass of wine while he ate), and went on a drive/adventure with Ed which lead us to some sketchy and questionable places.  I took Ellie, the Bug, out for a spin down 30A (the main beach road here) Sunday afternoon, and went to bed early.

Great weekend? Yes?  Aligned with things I love?  Yes.  Did I get much of anything done? Nope.

There were times where I would have looked at a weekend like the as a waste...

Minimal Living: Wardrobe

Hey friends,

When I first sold my house and donated my stuff, I let go of an OBSCENE amount of clothing, shoes, and accessories.  You know those gigantic orange garbage bags that they use on construction sites?  I filled what felt like endless bags.  I wish I could give you an exact number, but I didn't even count them because getting rid of all that "good stuff" gave me tons of anxiety.  I felt ashamed, guilty, and uncomfortable.

I became very aware of the fact that I had a all of this stuff that I didn't even really like.  How many hours had I worked for all of that?

Meet Ellie

Hey guys!  

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed a whole bunch of photos with a cute 1969 yellow VW Bug creeping in.  World, meet Ellie, out newest baby.

I first met Ellie last year at a photoshoot for some of my favorite clients, who are now great friends of ours!

Uneasiness and Truth

Hey guys,

I'm going to start this with the following disclaimer:  I'm not really sure where I'm going with this post, but feel a strong pull to write and share some truth.  Last year I wrote a blog post about financial stress, and received a lot of emails from concerned loved ones (and strangers!) that Ed and I were going under (we weren't).  After that, I haven't really gotten super personal because of the fear that people will take what I have to say the wrong way.  As a society we are so closed off and guarded to admit our struggles.  Most of us have financial stress all of the time, but are embarrassed to admit it for fear of being judged or looking like a failure.  Why are we so scared to share?

The Dark Side of Social Media

Hey friends,

A few months ago I wrote all about why I love Instagram.  I got a mixed response to the post.  Some people loved the positive outlook.  Other people sent me messages that they still struggle with the "dark side" of social media... the jealousy, comparison, and all around fake-ness.  It's easy to place your worth on the number of followers you have and the likes you receive.  I get it.

Happy New Year!

Happy 2018, friends!

My husband, Bodie, the two dogs, and myself headed up to the Adirondacks to celebrate the holidays.  The drive was LONG.  Like 24 hours not counting stops.  Most of the drive went very well, and we had time to talk about life, passions, projects, and random silliness. 

When we got up to New York, it got very very cold.

Pedego 30A

Last month I met up with Pedego 30A in Watercolor, Florida for a really fun lifestyle shoot.  Pedego makes electric bikes, and you can rent or buy them at their shop in Watercolor.  I totally want one now.  They come in pretty colors (I may or may not have mentioned that the aqua blue one was my "soul color"), and you can ride them like a normal bike, or turn them on for a boost while cruising.  Be sure to check them out when you're in town!

How Instagram Opened My Eyes and Saved My Life

I constantly read about the negative impacts caused by social media, and I have a feeling you do, too.  It causes depression.  It's fake.  People are buying their followers.  There's an ongoing movement for people to give social media the finger.

But I'm not riding that train, and this blog post is not about that.  Today I am focusing on why I love Instagram, and how I credit the platform for being one of the most profound and beneficial influencers of my life.

Long ago, I was sitting in a cold dark office (literally it had no windows, and would blow cold air from the vent).