Wellness and the World

An article was recently published in Current Psychiatry titled “10 Triggers of Inflammation to be Avoided to Reduce the Risk of Depression.”  The article discussed these 10 sources in great detail, some of which included a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, poor sleep, vitamin D deficiency, obesity, and stress.  What it all boiled down to was that adopting a wellness lifestyle as preventative medicine would prevent a whole lot of depression amongst many other common diseases and disorders.

I love seeing articles like this published because so much of our culture revolves around popping a pill and finding a quick fix after the damage has been done.  I hope our society’s mindset switches gears to preventative health and wellness rather than just treating disease.  I think it’s happening already, but I want it to happen more.  People are still viewed as “alternative” for going against the grain, and living a healthy lifestyle.  I know plenty of people who think I’m weird because of the food choices I make, the yoga I do, and the lifestyle I choose to live.  Am I weird? Definitely (you can ask my friends and family, lol), but not because I choose health.  There is nothing that will replace a healthy lifestyle.  There is nothing that will replace mental health.  Lifestyle encompasses physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of life.  A person cannot treat their body and mind like garbage without facing the consequences which is often disease, mental and/or physical.  In my opinion, it’s also just become normal for so many people to be walking around with depression and anxiety.  It’s not normal.  Everyone deserves better.  Every single one of us deserves a vibrant and happy life!

What I wish this article ended with was my business card!  That’s obviously a joke, but I’m also sort of serious.  Here’s why: If more people adopted a yoga lifestyle and worked with a wellness coach who deeply understands mental health and human behaviors, I believe it would have an enormously positive impact on not just each individual, but our society and planet in general.  I think less people would be taking drugs.  It would create shock waves of positive change.  Maybe it is bold of me to say so, but I think mental and physical health problems would radically decline.

A wellness lifestyle and a yoga lifestyle are accessible to everyone, and it’s never too late to improve your life!  Wellness is not complicated.  It’s simply about finding balance, removing the clutter, and polishing what’s already underneath.  Your body wants to be healthy.  Your mind wants to be at peace.  It’s your natural state.


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*** I’d like to state that I am not anti-medicine or anti-psychopharmological drugs.  I highly respect what doctors do.  Medicine saves lives every single day.  It’s the quantity of people who are taking drugs rather than addressing their wellness lifestyle that concerns me.  Never stop taking your medication without consulting with your doctor first!  Your doctor should be part of your wellness lifestyle.