Pulling Yourself Out of a Funk

Funks are a normal part of the human experience.

A sea of uncertainty.


Not loving your the life situation.





Feeling like everyone has figured it out, but you. 

I know I have been there. I think maybe it’s obvious that I haven’t been in the best head space recently? I sometimes try to sweep those feelings under the rug (I’m not in a bad space. You are.), and sprinkle the surface with things that make me feel better. I’m known for being positive, and I personally feel like I’m letting the world down when I’m not (yep, I need to let that go). I get anxious. Will they all notice how off I am? Will it make them feel bad? And so forth.

I return to my yoga mat, my practice. I go to the beach. I think about all I’m grateful for. I see my friends. I get some perspective.

But you know, sometimes it just feels like this sort of stuff just covers up whats going on. They’re distractions.

When I stop making my moods a big deal, stop trying to fix everything, I seem to actually feel better. It’s why I started this post with the fact that funks are a part of the human experience. They’re normal.

Wouldn’t it be weird if we were happy and content all of the time? Always at peace? It would be like a seen from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Feeling happy all the time isn’t normal.

Darker times motivate us to make changes. They motivate us to evolve. To learn how to actually be a happier human in general. These periods of life are when we deal with our issues. When we learn to let go. When we learn to love harder.

When I accept my current state, the darker times, I actually feel better. I stop fighting it, lean into it, and reflect on whats really bothering me. I get new insight. I actually come up with some of my better ideas. 

Funks are not awful. They’re growing pains.

And a HUGE reminder in case you need it: What you see on social media isn’t real. Stop comparing your life to what you see in that space.

Do you ride your funks out as well? Find that they lead to the best growth and changes? Share your thoughts below.

With LOVE,