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How to Make a Full Time Income with WiFi without Working Full Time

Hey guys!

What is up?!?! After receiving so many questions about the Breakaway Movement, and what it is that I actually do, I figured it was time to write a blog post about it to cover all the questions.

Okay, first things first, the Breakaway Movement is a training platform designed and created for elevated entrepreneurs who are ready to dive in and learn how to run their own successful online business.

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How Instagram Opened My Eyes and Saved My Life

I constantly read about the negative impacts caused by social media, and I have a feeling you do, too.  It causes depression.  It's fake.  People are buying their followers.  There's an ongoing movement for people to give social media the finger.

But I'm not riding that train, and this blog post is not about that.  Today I am focusing on why I love Instagram, and how I credit the platform for being one of the most profound and beneficial influencers of my life.

Long ago, I was sitting in a cold dark office (literally it had no windows, and would blow cold air from the vent). 

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