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About Lindsay


Who is lindsay?

Great question. I’ve been on a life long journey to figure that one out… allow me to catch you up!

Originally from the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate NY, I grew up with a deep love for nature, and a childhood spent outdoors.

Years later, I ended up in NYC, became a licensed psychologist, met my now husband, worked a 9-5 for years, and had a baby.

Despite things looking great on paper, we weren’t happy. We both quit our jobs, sold our home, donated our stuff, and moved 1250+ miles away to live our dream lives by the beach.

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Finding time, location, and financial freedom.

i’m incredibly passionate about helping others breakaway from their 9-5S, DESIGN LIVES + BUSINESSES THEY LOVE, AND LIVE ON THEIR OWN TERMS. THIS IS YOUR PERSONAL INVITATION TO LEARN MORE.

Let’s Breakaway

What’s the Breakaway Movement?

What we do to earn a full time living.

How to join the Breakaway Movement.