After Michael

I feel guilty.  I feel so overwhelmed that I am sitting here, at my kitchen counter, drinking cold brew coffee, not too hot and not too cold, my son playing with his toys in his organic cotton pjs, the dogs sleeping quietly.  My possessions are all in tact.  My photography clients are still coming, and I’m still making money so that I can continue living.  

We don’t have internet.  That’s about it… in a way it’s almost nice.

A 30 minute’s drive to the east it’s a different story. 

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Print Shop News + Rebranding

Hey guys!

This week I put out a question on my Instagram stories asking what topics you’d like for me to cover on the blog. I got some great responses that I will be covering in future posts, but a few people asked me to talk about my new print shop. Since it just launched that makes sense, doesn’t it? But I think I need to start this post with some behind the scenes info. Stick with me here…

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Managing Email in an Email Crazy World

I love email. I love both sending and receiving them. I love the excitement of pressing the send button. I love the feeling when I get a new email that I’ve been anticipating.

With that said, the days I get the least done seem to be the days I check my email the most. The days that are the most productive, happiest, and in the now are the days where I check it the least.

Email. It can be addicting, hitting the refresh button. And it can distract us…

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The Practice of Self-Kindness for a Happy + Healthy YOU

Hey friends!

I started out with the intention to write a light and simple post on self-kindness, but ended up with something longer and deeper than anticipated.  

Self-kindness is complicated. 

There's enough fluff all over the internet.

And I'm not light and fluffy.

I hope that you enjoy this post, and are able to be a little (or a lotta) kinder to yourself as a result!

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The Authentic + Passionate life IS the Journey

Hey friends,

Let's jump right to it today.

I recently got into a somewhat heated conversation with a family member who doesn't quite agree with my approach to life.  He stated the following:

  • following one's passion can be fickle and unreliable;

  • instead of chasing one's passions we should just bring our passions into what we do;

  • young people idealize what they don't have;

  • following passions may not be practical depending on where they are in life;

  • learning how to delay gratification is more important that living with passion.

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