The Illusion of Control: Surrender to the Universe

"I’m suggesting that you learn how to float with the river of life rather than try to swim upstream or even stop the river."

 Experience inner peace

Experience inner peace

It’s time to let go and give up the illusion of control.  As someone who has battled with being a control freak, I know how hard this can be.  I remember the first Thanksgiving that my husband and I hosted.  My husband was in charge of doing the grocery shopping because of my busy schedule.  I must have texted him and called him a hundred times in order to make sure everything was done right, my way.  Then there have been numerous times where I worried about the weather, and my weekend plans… as if I could really control what the weather would be.  I can say this with certain: The more we try to control, the worse we feel.  The more stressed, anxious, exhausted, panicked, and overall frazzled we feel. This distress has profound consequences on the human body and mind, especially when it becomes chronic.

Why do we feel the need to try to control everything?  Much of this need is rooted in fear.  It is rooted in beliefs that it will be absolutely terrible if a certain outcome does not happen.  We think we know what is best.  We are attached to the belief that something must happen.  We are attached to a particular outcome. 

What would happen if you stopped fighting and let go?  What would happen if you let the universe unfold and let energy flow where it is going anyway?

I’m not suggesting you to do nothing.  I’m suggesting that you learn how to float with the river of life rather than try to swim upstream or even stop the river.

Ask yourself these questions:

1)      What is the worst possible thing that will happen if a certain outcome does not happen?  Look at the facts.  Is it really as terrible as you think?  If my husband didn't pick up extra eggs for Thanksgiving is the holiday really ruined?  Is it a disaster?  If it rains this Saturday will it be horrible?  Maybe it will just be inconvenient.  Can you live with that?

2)      Is what you’re trying to control even something you can control?  Is this even about you? You can’t control other people, no matter how much you’d like to think you can.  They have free will!  As do you.  I don’t think I need to even elaborate on the weather… if we could control it, it would definitely not still be snowy and cold this spring!  Focus on your own business rather than others.

3)      What would ultimately lead to your inner peace?  To calmness?  To stillness?  To mental clarity?  To your health?  Can you see that letting go and surrendering would likely lead to these desirable states of being? You could be free!

You have control over your thoughts.  Why focus on controlling anything else?  Make the choice to let go, be free, and have a healthy mind. Surrender to the universe!  Choose to trust that everything will be okay…