Print Shop News + Rebranding

Hey guys!

This week I put out a question on my Instagram stories asking what topics you’d like for me to cover on the blog. I got some great responses that I will be covering in future posts, but a few people asked me to talk about my new print shop. Since it just launched that makes sense, doesn’t it? But I think I need to start this post with some behind the scenes info. Stick with me here.

Behind the scenes + rebranding…

I am in the process of rebranding. Its a slow roll out because that is how I roll. I decided that with this rebranding I would get super clear on what I offer this world. This is because I don’t think I’ve expressed that clarity in the past… I’ve actually been told that my offerings are confusing. I also just do not physically or emotionally have time to do everything right now, and it feels like this is the best choice even though it slightly terrifies me.

But in general, I’d rather do less full assed, then a lot half assed. ;)

So, this is where I am shifting my main focus now.

  • the print shop - because I get such unreal satisfaction out of taking photos for my shop whether the photo was intentional or not. I love creating something beautiful, the editing + creative process, and the focus on building a cohesive collection. I love seeing my art on your walls, and I love knowing that looking at it makes you feel something. What can I say, it just brings me immense joy.

  • lifestyle content creation - If you’ve followed me for awhile you may notice a bit more lifestyle + styled photos coming your way. For the last year or so I have created content for brands here and there with an emphasis on my lifestyle by the beach (beach adventures, travel, yoga, wellness). I had the realization that if I wanted more of this work, which I do, then I need to actually SHOW my work. I’ve been a bit nervous to mix up my feed because I will lose followers with a visual change, but it feels like the right thing to do because it feels true to me. I love the challenge and creativity involved in content creation, enjoy styling, and I love working with like minded brands. You won’t see me working with brands that don’t align with my lifestyle choices.

  • couple + family lifestyle photography - I absolutely adore my clients, and these ridiculously fun photoshoots. I’ve met the coolest people, and some have actually become my friends! I’ve had repeat clients, and get to watch kids grow up and couple’s love stories evolve. Pretty cool.

  • collaborating and shooting with more local brands - Santa Rosa Beach, Destin, Panama City Beach, and beyond... If you own a business here and love my work, then let’s connect and collab! Yes?

  • my blog - My blog is my corner of the internet where I get to show my work, share my life, and basically do what I want without an algorithm of doom (Instagram - you are killing us). I love blogging, and will continue to bring you content that inspires and empowers you to live your best life, create whatever it is that brings you joy, and pursue your passions. And of course, my posts on Instagram will continue with this this as well!

Okay, so let’s talk about the print shop!


Why a print shop?

I started selling prints when this post went semi viral on a local level. I will admit… I had NO idea wtf I was doing. I had about 100 people ask to buy a print, and was completely overwhelmed. I didn’t know the foggiest thing about selling prints online, ensuring quality, or any of that. I sent invoices out one by one. It was chaotic, tedious, and made no sense really. I went back and forth in emails, and slowly got prints out to customers. After that I knew I needed a shop because people would see Instagram posts and ask for a print. I’ve since used two different 3rd party shops, and they were great in so many ways. They made the process super easy for me and customers, prints were always high quality, and I didn’t need to do any work except upload photos and share the link.

It just didn’t feel personal enough.

I didn’t find that I had enough control over what was going out. I felt like I wasn’t involved really, or like it was just some side afterthought. I wanted to shift my shop to front and center.

I wanted to choose paper that I loved. I wanted to offer framing that was beautiful, modern, and high quality. I wanted to focus on creating a gorgeous collection that spoke to me. I wanted to connect with customers, and help them choose pairings rather than just be uploading images. Last January when we drove back from NY to FL after the holidays, I told my husband that this new shops was a goal of mine for 2018.

New Details

I researched options, checked out what other photographers and artists were doing, and ultimately decided that the best thing for me was to partner with Simply Framed. The paper they sent me to sample was incredibly high quality. I chose the Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308 for my prints because it feels really thick, soft, and has a beautiful matte texture to it. I don't like shine, and I don’t think shine likes me. This fine art paper handles contrast and vivid colors beautifully. Simply Framed makes getting art on your walls ridiculously EASY. This is a win in my book. I hate when I order something for the wall and it sits in a box for a year. I’m so guilty of that. I love their gallery white and gallery natural. I have included an option of cut mat or no mat. I really love the cut mat on smaller prints in particular.

The biggest challenge I now face with the print shop is marketing it. I don’t love marketing. It always feels weird to me… but this feels more exciting than strange for some reason. I am just so excited to share my work with the world. It is such a bizarre feeling that feels like massive anxiety and massive excitement physically in my body. Sometimes I can’t sleep over it.

I have some upcoming giveaways that are amazing. Stay tuned for a giveaway announcement on Monday October 1st on Instagram.

Thank you so much for your support on this new adventure of mine. It means the world to me.

I am happy to answer questions, and continue the conversation below.

With LOVE,