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Photoshopping Flamingos

It’s coming up on two years since two beautiful wild flamingos flew into town, and I was lucky enough to see them on the beach! The event was really cool, and you can read the original story here.

For the quick version, we had Tropical Storm Cindy come through, which landed right near Alabama. When the storm cleared, two flamingos were spotted on Orange Beach. I saw it in the news, and contemplated driving over that way… but what are the chances I’d even see them?

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Resigning from the 9-5

I recently stumbled upon my letter of resignation sitting in a dark corner of my Dropbox folder. In some ways it feels like a decade ago that I submitted it, even though it was really just 2015.

You know how there’s this fantasy that writing that letter will be this amazing and liberating experience? You’re talking to your boss, and you’ve had it, and you just pull it out, and run out of the building as if you’re reclaiming your life?? (please tell me I’m not the only one who thought about that on the drive to work every single day for seven years).

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After Michael

I feel guilty.  I feel so overwhelmed that I am sitting here, at my kitchen counter, drinking cold brew coffee, not too hot and not too cold, my son playing with his toys in his organic cotton pjs, the dogs sleeping quietly.  My possessions are all in tact.  My photography clients are still coming, and I’m still making money so that I can continue living.  

We don’t have internet.  That’s about it… in a way it’s almost nice.

A 30 minute’s drive to the east it’s a different story. 

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Print Shop News + Rebranding

Hey guys!

This week I put out a question on my Instagram stories asking what topics you’d like for me to cover on the blog. I got some great responses that I will be covering in future posts, but a few people asked me to talk about my new print shop. Since it just launched that makes sense, doesn’t it? But I think I need to start this post with some behind the scenes info. Stick with me here…

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Bodie's Birth Story

Hey friends,

This last weekend my baby turned 3!  THREE!  We spent the day as a family doing things we love like going to the beach, and getting Bodie his favorite cookie (vegan oatmeal raisin) from Whole Foods.  It was very mellow, just the way we all like it.

In honor of Bodie's third birthday, I thought it would be fun to finally share his birth story.  I've wanted to share this for three years now, but I guess the third birthday is the charm.  If you're not okay reading about the messy truth of labor then I'd skip this one! I'm also sharing the few photos we shot with our cell phone, but don't worry, there's nothing messy about those! Phew. 

In honor of Bodie's third birthday, I thought it would be fun to finally share his birth story.  I've wanted to share this for three years now

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