Seeking Simplicity

Hey friends,

It’s been a few weeks, and I honestly couldn’t wait to sit down today to blog. I love this space, and when I don’t make time for it I can FEEL it. We’ve had a lot going on here. Ed has been busy with work, little side projects, and things around the apartment. I’ve been finishing up several family galleries that I shot over spring break, and working on other content as well, such as the print shop updates, travel plans, and a potential free product for you guys (I’m trying hard!).

We have family coming into town this week, and then more family coming in the following week, and then Bodie and I take a trip to Orlando to see even more family. We’re busy!

I’ve been really honing in on simplicity and organization in my life because otherwise I get way too stressed and overwhelmed especially with all we have going on. Today I’m sharing the major tools/programs I can’t function without. These tools have really allowed me to grow my business so I can focus on what I love doing the most — creating and living life.

1) I left Wordpress, and I returned to Squarespace, again. Yep, I spent a bunch of money on a new fancy template, flushed a ton of time, and moved to Wordpress in January, only to realize that I preferred Squarespace. Look, Wordpress is awesome, but it is more complicated, and I felt like I was SCATTERED and like I needed a web designer every single day. And between hosting, template stuff, plugins, the print shop, email marketing, etc etc etc, it was just too much. Squarespace allows me to have one place to manage EVERYTHING. It is so simple. And on top of it, they’re there to help me!

2) I’ve been using my Content Planner which gives me a space to write out by hand (which I honestly prefer), and keep track of all of my planning and posting. It makes me not have to stress about deadlines and timelines. It’s where I brainstorm what I’ll write about, what I’ll share, and when I share it all. Kat Gaskin is a genius for creating this planner.

3) I also use Honeybook for all of my contracts, proposals, timelines, client details, invoicing when it comes to my photography clients. It’s my one stop shop for everything, and although you have to set everything up in the beginning, it makes life SO much easier longterm. It has a great app, and the contact form on your website integrates directly to it… But the thing that I love the most is that is makes everything easier, organized, and professional for my clients. Let’s face it, booking a photographer should not be a complicated and an involved process. With this link, I’m giving you 50% off your first year!

4) Several months ago I switched to Pic-time, and I haven’t looked back. I really feel like Pic-times galleries cannot be beat. One of my favorite features is that my portfolio is connected to Pic-time so that I don’t have to upload everything twice. It saves me SO much time. And I love that when clients view my work, they’re getting a really accurate representation of what it’s like to work with me. On top of all of this, it makes selling products and marketing to clients super easy. Pic-time just makes my life easier.

There you have it! What programs or tools do you use that keep you organized, simplify, and streamline your work/life? I’d love to hear about it below!

Have a beautiful day!