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Seeking Simplicity

Hey friends,

It’s been a few weeks, and I honestly couldn’t wait to sit down today to blog. I love this space, and when I don’t make time for it I can FEEL it. We’ve had a lot going on here. Ed has been busy with work, little side projects, and things around the apartment. I’ve been finishing up several family galleries that I shot over spring break, and working on other content as well, such as the print shop updates, travel plans, and a potential free product for you guys (I’m trying hard!).

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Managing Email in an Email Crazy World

I love email. I love both sending and receiving them. I love the excitement of pressing the send button. I love the feeling when I get a new email that I’ve been anticipating.

With that said, the days I get the least done seem to be the days I check my email the most. The days that are the most productive, happiest, and in the now are the days where I check it the least.

Email. It can be addicting, hitting the refresh button. And it can distract us…

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Less Options = More Creativity

Earlier this winter, I decided to sell an extra camera body, 4 lenses, and several other accessories.  Since I had first gotten into photography, I had a huge wish list, and the mentality that I needed more and more to be a good photographer.  Obviously my equipment is important, but something had shifted in me as I began to focus on my creativity and expression rather than what gear I had. I realized, a good photographer or artist really only needs the basic tools to create magic.  How could I use what I already had to create an image in mind?  This has put me up in trees and in all sorts of strange places to get a certain shot.  Some of my most like photos were created this way.

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