Drinking Hydrogen

Drinking what?

When I first heard the idea of drinking hydrogen I was totally weirded out. Was it safe? What would it do? And why would I want to do such a thing?


As I’ve mentioned before, the quality of my water was one of the more recent pieces to my holistic lifestyle puzzle. And while I could write a book on potentially the greatest blessing in my life (besides my family and friends of course), today I want to talk about hydrogen rich water, and why I am completely obsessed with it.

Warning: put on your chemistry hat and geek out with me.

When I first began to do my research, I focused largely on alkaline water… but what I soon learned is that alkaline water is old news with limited findings. Alkaline water simply is just water with a pH greater than 7 (neutral). If you took a mason jar of tap water and added baking soda, you’d have alkaline water. If you actually look at the ingredients list in bottled alkaline water it typically has baking soda added into it. Next time you’re grocery shopping have a look for yourself. But regardless of additives, alkaline water really doesn’t seem to do much. This shocked me at first because I had been convinced that alkaline water was the shit in holistic health.

Okay, so now let’s focus on alkalized water. Alkalized water is water that has been run through titanium plates, and through a process of electrolysis it transforms the pH (potential of hydrogen) so that the water measures alkaline BUT not because of an additive… the water becomes loaded with extra hydrogen molecules. So, the more hydrogen, the higher the pH.

Now to be 100% honest, I didn’t fully get this. I didn’t realize the benefit here had nothing to do with the alkalinity, but everything to do with the extra hydrogen molecules. I should not feel too bad though because scientists didn’t understand the health benefits at first either of hydrogen rich water vs alkalinity either.

Why is hydrogen so awesome?

Hydrogen has therapeutic potential in hundreds of diseases, and benefits every organ in the body by reducing oxidative stress. Too much oxidative stress leads to disease and aging. You know this though because you have heard of free radicals in the body, and know that antioxidants are good for you because it eliminates them.

Hydrogen is unique; however, because it actually contributes to cell survival for healthy cells, but kills unhealthy cells.

It is important to understand that not all free radicals are bad… it is all about the types of free radicals, eliminating the ones that are destructive to health, and achieving homeostasis in the body. The body relies upon a certain amount of free radicals to function. High levels of antioxidant supplementation can actually cause problems because most antioxidants aren’t selective in the free radicals they “attack,” and they neutralize molecules our bodies actually need.

Hydrogen is a therapeutic antioxidant. It IS selective and mild, and will only eliminate the free radicals that aren’t needed. It also prevents bad free radicals from being produced in the body. It donates an electron to a cell, and and brings the body into homeostasis.

Is it safe?

Hydrogen is incredibly safe and mild (mild in a good way). The universe is built off hydrogen. If you administer molecular hydrogen to a cell that is in good shape, you won’t see anything happen. Effects are only evident when there is a problem, such as toxins present in the body. It will not disrupt cells that are healthy.

We are constantly exposed to hydrogen. Life needs hydrogen do survive, and it was likely one of the key building blocks that started life. A healthy gut has a lot of hydrogen in it.

Drinking hydrogen it is more effective then inhaling it for health benefits. It’s also much more convenient.

Do not mistake it’s mild nature for it being ineffective. Just the opposite really. If you were to load up on hydrogen water before being exposed to radiation (like on airplanes, x-ray machines, etc) hydrogen actually has the potential to reduce cellular damage.

Watch this short video clip to learn more:

What does it taste like?

It tastes like the most delicious and freshest water you’ve ever tasted. It almost has a creaminess to it. It’s hard to describe!

I personally love knowing that we are drinking 9.5 alkalized water in my household. I love knowing it is the water that my son is growing up drinking. My dogs even prefer it. I would always have a cup of 9.5 water next to my bed, and the dogs would race in in the morning to drink it. After awhile, I decided to give them 9.5 instead of 7 (filtered but pH neutral).

If I had it my way, everyone would be drinking this incredibly healing water. I’d love nothing more.

If you want to start drinking and giving your family the best water on the planet, too, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

With LOVE + lots of hydrogen,


P.S. I want to share one more “breaking down the water with science” video for those who want more info. Here you go: