I Bit Off More than I Can Chew

Well, I certainly bit off more than I can chew...

Last week, I shared all about the flamingo experience I had here as well as on Instagram + Facebook.  I mentioned that prints were available, thinking maybe a few people would want to buy some.  I received over 100 inquiries within the first two days, and they keep coming in.

Now, usually I do every single order by hand... it works for the amount of business I'm used to receiving.  I wanted to be able to interact with each and every single one of you, but have realized that I cannot provide you with the service you deserve by managing every order individually.  I needed the help of a high level print lab + print shop who could help me streamline the process.  Thus, the Flamingo Print Shop is now open! I believe in transparency... I'm not afraid to be honest and share how I'm learning and screwing up along the way!  All part of the process.  :)

Prices are exactly the same that I quoted everyone individually.  If you already paid me, I am still doing your order custom -  don't worry!  All future orders should now be placed here.  If there is a size you'd like that's not listed, let me know!

These flamingos changed my life.  I know that sounds totally dramatic, but it's true!  The experience was amazing, and it's connected me with so many people.  It's made people aware of my presence, and my services.  My photos were even on the news!  

Thank you so much for your patience with me.  I'm a one mama show here trying to make a living doing what I love, change the world, and raise a toddler!

Wishing you a safe + fun Fourth of July!

With love,