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Photoshopping Flamingos

It’s coming up on two years since two beautiful wild flamingos flew into town, and I was lucky enough to see them on the beach! The event was really cool, and you can read the original story here.

For the quick version, we had Tropical Storm Cindy come through, which landed right near Alabama. When the storm cleared, two flamingos were spotted on Orange Beach. I saw it in the news, and contemplated driving over that way… but what are the chances I’d even see them?

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Rare Flamingos in NW Florida


I am SO beyond excited to share my photos and recent experience.  Flamingos are here in NW Florida!!!  Let me rewind...

Last week we had tropical storm Cindy come through the area.  It rained for days.  I was scrolling on Facebook, and happened to come across this story.  How cool that a pair of flamingos were so close to where I live!?  If only they had come a little further east and they'd be in my neighborhood.  No one seems to know where they came from...

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