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A Simple Stress Relieving Exercise

I couldn't sleep last night. I was in my bed, Bodie was fast asleep (for once!), and yet I was wide awake.  I couldn't relax my body. I felt so much tension and stress. Why? Well, I haven't done yoga in 4 days. I haven't meditated. I haven't made time to chill out. I've been working on my laptop until midnight for several nights in a row.  No wonder I was so stressed!

A quick relaxation exercise, which I am about to share with you, combined with a little deep breathing and I was snoozing... like magic!

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Don't Should on Yourself: Bad Moods Happen

Yesterday I finally got the baby down for a nap after he had refused to sleep for hours.  I was so excited to relax, eat some lunch, and check my email when I knocked something over.  The next thing I knew I was bleeding, I spilled my drink, and the baby was awake...  

And I still hadn't eaten...  

And the baby refused to go back to sleep...

And I was pissed!

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