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Holistic Hair

Today we talk about... HAIR!

Is it "just hair?" Yes, of course... But hair is also highly connected to our identities (whether you think it should be or not), and I believe that we can strike a balance somewhere between over-attachment and not caring at all.  It is perfectly okay to care about your hair, but know that it is not essential AT ALL for a happy and healthy life.  Having "dream hair" is not going to fix your problems... and no matter how Instagram worthy your hair looks really means, well, not much.  There are really happy people out there who have lost all of their hair, and there are really unhappy people out there who have gorgeous mermaid locks.

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Everyday Non-Toxic Skincare


How was everyone's weekend?  The rain held off here, and I got in some really special QT with Ed and Bodie.  On Sunday we went for a bike ride, and then out to dinner.  We ended the evening with a walk and some gigantic ice cream cones.  I had the cappuccino chip (my favorite) in a chocolate dipped waffle cone because I believe in balance... ;)

I'll remind you all that I decided to overhaul my blog a month or so ago in an effort to connect more and cover more aspects of my on purpose lifestyle.  This includes conscious beauty, holistic wellness, and movement.  I am a huge advocate for organic, natural, and non-toxic living.  It is essential for our health and the environment...

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