Everyday Non-Toxic Skincare


How was everyone's weekend?  The rain held off here, and I got in some really special QT with Ed and Bodie.  On Sunday we went for a bike ride, and then out to dinner.  We ended the evening with a walk and some gigantic ice cream cones.  I had the cappuccino chip (my favorite) in a chocolate dipped waffle cone because I believe in balance... ;)

I'll remind you all that I decided to overhaul my blog a month or so ago in an effort to connect more and cover more aspects of my on purpose lifestyle.  This includes conscious beauty, holistic wellness, and movement.  I am a huge advocate for organic, natural, and non-toxic living.  It is essential for our health and the environment.  I began to explore the world of natural and organic living almost 15 years ago.  I've used some of the most expensive natural products and I've used nothing more than mud, apple cider vinegar, and coconut oil. 

So, today we're getting a bit girly and dipping into some of my favorite nontoxic beauty products that actually work!

When looking for beauty products my philosophy is as follows:

- It must be free of nasty cancer causing, hormone disrupting, and system clogging ingredients.  It also must be human, animal, and environmentally friendly.

- Absolutely no silicone which coats the skin, and makes me break out.  

- If I can't eat it, I am hesitant to put it on my body. It also has to be able to touch my toddler's skin because we like to cuddle. 

- It must work and nourish my 30 something year old sensitive skin that has a tendency to be dry.  I spend a lot of time outside, and smile most of the time (hello squinty eye wrinkles!).

- I try to be as minimal as possible. I avoid a bathroom full of clutter. I also need a routine that is easy and quick.

With that said, I am going to take you through my current basic skincare routine.

Cleanse: I love a creamy cleanser that leaves my skin feeling fresh but not dry and stripped.  I am on my fourth bottle of Mad Hippie's Cream Cleanser.  This wash takes off excess oil, make up, and sunscreens like a champ, and it does not disrupt the delicate acid mantle of the skin.  I learned about the acid mantle late in the game, but once I did it was a game changer.  Basically the skin has a natural boundary called the acid mantle that protects our skin.  Over cleansing with harsh ingredients disrupts this layer which causes all sorts of skin issues like acne (something I struggled with for a long time).

Exfoliate: I have been using Eminence's Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant for a couple of years now, and it is a fantastic product.  I don't know about you all, but I need my exfoliant to actually feel scrubby and effective, yet gentle enough so that I'm not raw and irritated. This product does just that.  My mom and I have shared a bottle while traveling together, and it works beautifully for both of us.  Once a week, I like to take my exfoliation a bit further, and use an exfoliating mask.  I love Renee Rouleau's Triple Berry Smoothing Peel.  While not organic, it is formulated without parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances or dyes, and gluten.  My bottle is almost out, and I'm hoping to try Herbivore Organic's Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask next.

Treat:  To brighten my skin and fight free radicals I use Mad Hippie's Vitamin C Serum during the day and every other night.  It soaks right into the skin, and helps reduce brown sun spots.  To keep my skin smooth, reduce wrinkles, and lessen my visible pores I use Mad Hippie's Exfoliating Serum.  I put it on a few nights per week or less if I'm getting in lots of sun time because it can make your skin extra sensitive to the sun's rays.  If I want an extra dose of photo damage fighting pow I use Mad Hippie's Hydrating Nutrient Mist.  I put this on under moisturizer. 

Moisturize: As a girl who has tried using simply pure organic oils to moisturize, it was never right for me.  I do like applying oils if I need extra moisture, but nothing replaces the plumping and anti-aging action of a cream for me.  I like Mad Hippie's Face Cream because there is actual science behind the anti-aging properties in it.  It really works!  The trick is to apply your moisturizer in less than 60 seconds after washing (almost made a weird Gone in 60 Seconds joke, but everything I came up with was super lame.). My skin is never oily even during our 90% humidity days with this cream.  If I want some extra moisture at night I go for an oil over my moisturizer.  I love RMS Beauty's Beauty Oil. They say it is all you need, but I really like to use it as an additional layer personally.  I also love Mad Hippie's Facial Oil which works beautifully and is much easier on my bank account.  Mad Hippie is extremely effective and much more affordable than many other organic and natural brands.  The price point is actually one of the reasons that I initially started using them.

Protect: Sun protection is so important here in Florida.  I wear a hat if I'm going to be outside for a long time, and Mad Hippie's chemical-free Facial SPF.  I love how it contains red raspberry seed oil and carrot seed oil which also fight the sun's damaging rays.  I also love Badger Balm's SPF 30 Baby Sunscreen if I'm going to be sweating and in the water.  It is thick, ultra protective, and doesn't make me break out. 

Daytime Bonus: Most days I don't wear much make up, but if I want to add some coverage while protecting and nourishing my skin I use 100 Percent Pure's BB Cream in Shade 20 Aglow.  It contains SPF 15, and feels very soothing going on.  It also offers an additional protective barrier for your skin.  I like to finish it all off with RMS Beauty's Un-Powder which simply contains silica and mica.  I buff some onto my forehead (it keeps my bangs from getting greasy) and on my t-zone.  It leaves my skin soft and fresh for hours.

That's it for now!  Remember that how you treat the inside of your body is just as important as the outside.  Beauty is a state of mind.  

Are organic and natural beauty products a must for you, too?  Which ones do you swear by?  Leave me a comment below.

Have a beautiful Monday and week.  See you back here soon.

With love,