Motivation is overrated

Feeling inspired is so nice, isn't it? I have these days where I get so much work done. The problem is, unless I have a set deadline for someone, most of the time the projects I start are never finished which leaves me swimming in a sea full of stagnation and stress.  Lately I've been thinking a lot about this as I have a project that I want to publish, and make available for all of you. I just can't seem to get it done... 

I'm always so pumped with excitement and motivation when I start out, and then it just kind of fizzles. I push it to the side, and I anxiously wait for another surge.  Then I start up with something new, and the whole process starts again. How can people actually stick to things long enough to get them done when they're their own boss?  How do they stay motivated?  This is the work I love, so is there something wrong with me that it doesn't hold my interest long enough to actually finish it? (And no, I don't think there is something really wrong with me. ... I'm just making a point)

Here is the thing: 

Following your passion is not always full of passion.

Living your dream is not always dreamy. 

Your best interest is not always flashy and fun. 

Motivation is overrated.

Boredom + repetition are essential parts of the process.  

Goals are usually way too big + distant.

We should by all means dream big and enjoy the energy and inspiration surges when they arise, but learn to tolerate and work through the lows if we want to actually create and make changes.  I can say with certainty that we can all cultivate the discipine needed to make progress towards our goals if it is what we truly want.  There is no one standing in our way but us.

We often only celebrate the sexy end results. Writing a book. Losing the weight. Winning a medal. Of course that's all a huge deal, but we need to also make a big deal over the daily and sometimes boring action that moves us in the right direction over time. This is where the magic happens, even though it won't feel magical in the moment.

Truth: You don't need more motivation or inspiration.  You don't need huge lofty goals. There's nothing wrong with you. You just have to tolerate the process. 

Remember this formula:

Smaller more meaningful goals + daily action + tolerating discomfort/boredom + time = KAPOW!

With love,