Disney World and Loving your Life

Hello from Disney World!

A little small talk first.

I've been a bit quiet on the blog and Instagram (sorry if anyone noticed) because we've been enjoying a week in Disney with the family. We've spent some time in the parks, lots of time by the pool, eating lots of food, and just relaxing really. Bodie had fun with his grandparents, which has been nice for me! He loved the Dumbo ride and Peter Pan the most. He's also been dancing up a storm with the live music and performances.

I didn't plan on being quiet on social media this week. It just sort of happened, and nothing feels more unauthentic to me than forcing myself to post when I'm not feeling it. But anyway, the week was great, and now it's time to head back home...

I used to get very sad when vacations were over, and dreaded going back to real life. I can say for the first time ever, I'm totally cool with vacation ending because I am madly in love with my home by the beach. I actually can't wait to go back (besides missing my parents but that's another post in itself)! As much as I love vacations, I aim to continue to live a life that I love as much as being away. I never want to live for the weekend or vacation again. This confirms that I've made the right choices over the past two years.

Before my husband and I made all of these lifestyle changes, folks told us the problem was us, and not our former lifestyle. Someone even suggested that I should have been in therapy or on antidepressants if I was so miserable. I had a great job, a beautiful home, lots of friends, and I was crazy to want out. Those people were wrong. If you can't stand your lifestyle, even one that society says you should like, then change it! Do not settle for a life you don't like.  Do not settle for the norm because you're supposed to. Life is meant to be lived + enjoyed!

And here are a whole bunch of photos from the trip. Some more interesting than others... (P.S. yes I cut bangs, and yes I did it myself!)