Good Things that have Happened

The side of my Passion Planner has a box labeled "Good things that have happened."

This little box...

Most weeks I have ignored it.  Left it blank.  Focused on the schedule instead, and whatever is up next.

But this week something shifted.  I have made a point to add to it every single day.  Just a couple words.  Nothing fancy.  And you know, now the box is overflowing, and it's only Wednesday.

What changed?  It hasn't been an influx of awesomeness.  It's been a good week, but nothing special.  An average week.  

The change is my CHOICE to put more energy into reflecting and focusing on the good.

I have heard so many people over the years tell me that they can't think positively.  The negative thoughts just prevail.  This is because it takes WORK to change how you think.  Those negative thought patterns are a well traveled highway in your brain, and the positive thought patterns are basically an overgrown herd path.  You have to actively choose to go down the herd path.  You have to put the effort in.  It's like challenging brain cardio.  Sitting on the couch is easier.

And even if you make an effort to work your brain, life sometimes gets in the way.  Its easy to forget because of jobs, parenthood, errands, finances, cooking, the gym, relationships... we are busy, you know?  

This little box reminds me to celebrate what is good in my life - big things and little things.  After I jot some words down, I actually feel better.  Happier.  The herd path is getting a bit more traveled.  And that sets me up to travel down it more that day.

So whether you have a Passion Planner or not (and no this post is not sponsored... I just absolutely love them), I recommend you create some space where you can jot down and make note of all the good things that have happened in your life each day.  Put it somewhere you will actually see.  

I hope you're all having a beautiful week.  Thank you for spending some time with me here. :)

With LOVE,