The 30A Life Cover + Weekend Thoughts

Hey friends!  Happy Friday!

I am so excited to share that my photo (and Ellie the Bug) is on the cover of the latest issue of The 30A Life!  You can see the issue here online or pick up a copy around the 30A area.  I've been wanting to share this with you all since I first saw the cover a few days ago.  It's really a cool feeling as I watch where my photography takes me... Where will I be this time next year?

Before you run for the weekend, I want to leave you with some of my favorite thoughts.  These "little thoughts", if believed, are all you really need to live out your best life.

  1. You're allowed to change your mind.
  2. It's absolutely never too late (for 99% of things in life).
  3. You don't need to have your entire life figured out at any given point.
  4. Happiness is not on the other side of anything.
  5. You choose what thoughts you give power to.
  6. Most things are not a big deal.
  7. Life is happening right now whether you are living it fully or not.
  8. Give a lot. Expect nothing in return. 
  9. You have everything you need right now to take the next step on your journey, to change directions, to travel a new path...
  10. It's your job to live your best life.  No one else's.  

With so much freaking LOVE,