All in Minimalism

June Q+A

Hey friends,

Today I am answering some of the questions that were recently submitted to me on Instagram. I'm going to be doing these monthly or bimonthly (depending on the kind and amount of questions I receive).  Please send me your questions either in the comments or via email for next month.  Ask me about life, yoga, health, wellness, beach life, photography, or anything else!  

Here we go...

Less Options = More Creativity

Earlier this winter, I decided to sell an extra camera body, 4 lenses, and several other accessories.  Since I had first gotten into photography, I had a huge wish list, and the mentality that I needed more and more to be a good photographer.  Obviously my equipment is important, but something had shifted in me as I began to focus on my creativity and expression rather than what gear I had. I realized, a good photographer or artist really only needs the basic tools to create magic.  How could I use what I already had to create an image in mind?  This has put me up in trees and in all sorts of strange places to get a certain shot.  Some of my most like photos were created this way.

Minimal Living: Wardrobe

Hey friends,

When I first sold my house and donated my stuff, I let go of an OBSCENE amount of clothing, shoes, and accessories.  You know those gigantic orange garbage bags that they use on construction sites?  I filled what felt like endless bags.  I wish I could give you an exact number, but I didn't even count them because getting rid of all that "good stuff" gave me tons of anxiety.  I felt ashamed, guilty, and uncomfortable.

I became very aware of the fact that I had a all of this stuff that I didn't even really like.  How many hours had I worked for all of that?